Prison Island

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Prison Island
Prison Island in 9462 DE (1807 CE), Riven's final days




  • Previously used by Gehn as his office
  • Later used as a prison for Katran

Appears in

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

"There is another island which I could not see, as it had evidently crept away to a terrific distance. The Moiety are very unclear as to what exists on this island except for the fact that they know it is where the Great Tree used to exist."

Prison Island was the smallest of the five Riven islands. By 9462 DE (1807 CE), it could only be accessed via a Linking Book in Age 233; it could not be seen from any of the other four islands, as it had drifted away at a tremendous rate.

Originally, when Riven was just one island, Prison Island was the location of the Great Tree. Later, Gehn cut the Tree down (presumably to build his constructions and make paper) and built a private study on the stump; the elevator to this study was caged, such that it could only be accessed with a code. The room was abandoned after Gehn set up his office on the 233rd Age. However, after capturing Katran, the study proved ideal for her imprisonment, due to the security features and the study's inaccessibility to the Rivenese, particularly the Moiety.