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This article is about the original Pento, written by the Judges of Yahvo. For the new Pento Age, written by Ahlsendar, see New Pento Age. For the civilization, see Pento Civilization.
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Illicit Age
Inhabited Age (previously)

Written by

Judges of Yahvo


1320 DE (6337 BCE)


Pento (previously)

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Pento is an Illicit Age that was written in 1320 DE (6337 BCE) by the Judges of Yahvo, with the intent of finding a warrior race to be used as an army to seize control of D'ni. The inhabitants agreed to help, leading to the Pento War.


Pento War[edit]

See also: Pento War

Around 1303 DE (6354 BCE), under the leadership of Airis, the D'ni religious sect known as the Judges of Yahvo started to write illicit inhabited Ages, attempting to find an Age whose inhabitants would help them in their quest to take control of D'ni. In 1320 DE (6337 BCE) they succeeded in this endeavor with the Age of Pento, the inhabitants of which agreed to help the Judges. On Leevot 12, 1323 DE (September 30, 6334 BCE), the Judges and the Pento launched their attack on the Palace, quickly overtaking it, and hence beginning the Pento War.

Much later, the Judges feared that the leader of the Pento was becoming too powerful, and killed him. This instigated a civil war between the two sons of the leader. Timaue believed that the Pento should still help the Judges, while his brother Mekarr felt they no longer needed to serve, and sided with the returned King, Ahlsendar, in exchange for Ahlsendar writing a new Pento Age. In 1376 DE (6281 BCE) Ahlsendar led a force to Pento, and in the Battle of the Great King, Timaue and the Judges were defeated. Ahlsendar then wrote the new Pento Age for Mekarr and his followers, leaving the original Age abandoned.


Pento was one of the Ages which was found by the D'ni Restoration Council during the First Restoration. Restoration of the Age was however suspended in September of 2000 CE, due to "unstable resources." When the DRC returned in 2006, Pento was again reassessed for restoration, but the DRC voted 4-0 for suspension on September 30, 2006.

The Age has attracted the attention of the Intangibles, though restoration of the Age is not currently active. The Age is in Phase 1 of restoration.



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