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"When D'ni died I fled here. From death to death. You will see the fingerprints of the creatures everywhere – this was their home, and they did not welcome me. To survive, I was forced to learn. You will learn here as well. It is not like the other Ages."

Noloben is an Age written prior to the Fall of D'ni. It is the home of the Bahro, and one of the Ages chosen to house a Slate as part of the Quest. Esher escaped D'ni's fall by fleeing to the Age and spent a few centuries experimenting on the Bahro in the hopes of replicating their linking abilities.

During the DRC's initial exploration of the Ages, Noloben was one of the Ages they visited, where they encountered Esher. In 2005, Dr. Watson visited while he was on the Quest.

After the Bahro were freed, civil war broke out and Noloben was one of the heaviest fighting grounds.


The Age is made up of a series of rocky islands, each of which is sandy around the coast but holds a raised, grassy plateau in the centre. It hosts a vast amount of wildlife ranging from birds to snakes.


The following sections are written from an Out of Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.


  • Noloben was originally going to appear in Uru prior to the original Uru Live's shutdown.
  • Noloben's name was changed during development of Myst V to Siralehn, but was changed back at some point before release due to various reasons. It is still referred to as Siralehn in the game files.



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