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The Nexus is a small Age with only a single small room currently accessible. Its main purpose is to serve as a library, giving quick access to a variety of Linking Books. It can be accessed from Relto, various places in the D'ni City and City Proper, all pods in the Pod Age, and the ages Gahreesen, Teledahn, Kadish Tolesa and Eder Gira.


The Nexus was used during the later years of the D'ni for a quick way to travel from one place to another in the large cavern. Since linking books cannot link somewhere else in the same Age, Nexus pedestals were placed all over the cavern.

Modern Times[edit]

In 2004[edit]

During the First Restoration in 2004 the Nexus only provided basic functionality, although all core features were accessible. One list contained all links registered in an explorer's KI, which could only be City and City Proper locations. Accessible links were the Ferry Terminal, Tokotah Alley, Palace Alcove, Concert Hall Foyer, Library Courtyard and Great Zero on Ae'gura and the neighborhoods Bevin and Kirel. The Ferry Terminal was also the only link available by default, all others had to be registered using a Nexus pedestal or the KI machine in the Great Zero Antechamber.

Present Day[edit]

Currently, the Nexus contains linking books to most of the Ages and locations that explorers have access to. It is divided into five categories: the explorer's current neighborhood (always shown above the link list), City Locations (including Ae'gura and the City Proper), Public Links (the most recent public neighborhoods), Private Links (all invitations by other explorers) and Personal Links (all private Ages except the Cleft and Ahnonay, and the Great Zero).



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