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Kamkenta2BlueTransSmall.png The official name of the subject of this article is not known, and the name used is either conjectural or is the name that the subject is most commonly referred to as by fans.
This article is about the new Pento Age, written by Ahlsendar. For the original Pento, written by the Judges of Yahvo, see Pento. For the civilization, see Pento Civilization.
New Pento Age
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Shortly after 1376 DE (6281–6280 BCE)


Pento (previously)

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The new Pento Age is an Age that was written shortly after 1376 DE (6281–6280 BCE) by King Ahlsendar, to replace Pento as a home for the civilization living there, as he had promised to Mekarr in exchange for his support in overthrowing Timaue. The Age's name is not known.


After the Battle of the Great King and the end of the Pento War, Ahlsendar wrote a new Age for the Pento to return to, as he had agreed to do in exchange for Mekarr's help in killing Timaue. The Pento Civilization then relocated to the new Pento Age, and the link between this Age and D'ni was kept open at the insistence of Ahlsendar, with the Pento supplying resources to the D'ni.

During Ahlsendar's reign, and unbeknownst to the public at the time, he worked with the Guilds of Writers and Healers to create a plague, to be used as a biological weapon against the Pento should the need ever arise. In 1466 DE (6191–6190 BCE), Mekarr returned to the Palace using books given to him by the Judges of Yahvo, and killed Ahlsendar's wife and two sons, before being killed by Ahlsendar himself. As a result of this event, two days later Ahlsendar ordered the release of the plague onto the Pento civilization.

Within three days, the plague had killed every member of the Pento Civilization, though not before a large number of them had linked to other Ages, spreading the plague with them. The D'ni public was aware of the plague, though not of Ahlsendar's involvement, and it was not until 1500 DE (6157–6156 BCE) that Ahlsendar publicly revealed that it was him who had ordered the creation and release of the plague. On Leefo 23, 1502 DE (May 21–23, 6155 BCE), Ahlsendar sealed himself in the Temple of the Great King, along with the books to all Ages that had been infected by the fleeing Pento, including the new Pento Age itself. The new Pento Age, along with the original Pento, was after that point left sealed in the Tomb of the Great King and more or less completely untouched, no longer housing the Pento civilization.



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