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The interior of the Negilahn pod in its current condition


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Negilahn (D'ninegilan) is the first of the four pods located on the Pod Age that were approved by the DRC during the Second Restoration, and was released to explorers on March 1st, 2007 CE. Its linking book can be found in the Ae'gura Museum. The pod is named after the continent that it is located on, and is in the Age's tropical climate; there are regular sightings of animal life, including urwintee and two-tails monkeys.

The pod is similar to the other pods in the Age, except for a large crack at the top and the D'ni number 18 (*) on the lower level.


The pod on Negilahn was originally added to the Ae'gura Museum and opened to the D'ni public in 8797 DE (1141–1142 CE), at the request of Lord Jerahl.

The D'ni Restoration Council discovered Negilahn's book during the First Restoration, though restoration of the pod was not completed before they lost funding in 2004. After the DRC returned in 2006, restoration work on the pod was resumed. On January 13, 2007, Negilahn was deemed ready for final approval, and on March 1, the pod was released to explorers, its book placed back in the Ae'gura Museum.

The DRC noticed that the animal population appeared to have decreased considerably between the two restorations, and was continuing to decline. A few theories sprung up to explain this, such as the accidental introduction of some kind of disease, but eventually the decline in animal population became enough of a serious concern to the DRC that a small official expedition into the jungle was organized, in an attempt to find answers. The expedition, which occurred on March 21, 2007, consisted of Nick White, Douglas Sharper, and the explorer Rils, and did not last long before the three encountered a violently massacred animal corpse, and linked back to D'ni. Douglas Sharper, who was experienced with hunting, was able to deduce that the animal had been killed by a predator, introduced into Negilahn's ecosystem very recently, that was killing animals indiscriminately – even the larger indigenous predators. Furthermore, it was apparent that the predator did not eat any of the animals that it killed, and was seemingly killing for the joy of it.

Douglas Sharper and Nick White decided to organize another, prolonged expedition to Negilahn, as Sharper wanted to attempt to hunt the predator. They left on May 19, the same day that the crack first appeared outside the Kahlo Pub. On May 22, two days after the collapse that killed Rose Taylor and trapped Wheely Engberg, Nick returned to D'ni to help with the recovery efforts, while Sharper stayed in Negilahn. The next day, while following the predator, Sharper found that he had been led into an ambush, and discovered the true nature of the 'predator'; he found himself confronted by a "legion" of Bah'ro Nekisahl, but was rescued by another Bahro. It was from this that the existence of the Bahro Civil War was discovered, and from this that the mystery of the animals' decline was mostly solved – the Bah'ro Nekisahl had been slaughtering them, though it remained unclear why they had been doing this.


The DRC's chart of the sizes of many of Negilahn's species, compared to a human.

Prior to the ecological havoc wreaked by the Bah'ro Nekisahl between 2005 and 2007, the jungles of Negilahn were host to a diverse range of animal species. Negilahn's ecosystem has never fully recovered from the Bahro Civil War, and as such the quantity of animal life visible from the pod is still significantly reduced from its original state. There are, however, still a few species of animal that can be seen from the pod, such as urwintee, two-tails monkeys, and kiri.

There are a number of known types of animal indigenous to Negilahn (though given the limited information on them, some of the following may just be different names for the same animal):


The jungles of Negilahn

Being a jungle, Negilahn has a large variety of plant life surrounding the pod. Of note is the monkey-eating plant, a carnivorous plant that preys on two-tails monkeys.



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