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Narayan in 1815 CE


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Myst III: Exile

Narayan is a Lesson Age written by Atrus to help teach his sons Sirrus and Achenar how civilization could bring stability to an Age. The main part of the Age is above a cloud layer, with its cities built out of large, algae-like plants known as Lattice Trees. In order for the Narayani people to live in these plants, they harvested the puffer spores that periodically floated up from a reef below the cloud layer and wove them into the Lattice Trees. The "roots" and spores hardened in time, producing sturdy chambers in which the Narayani would live. The frail Lattice Trees required continuous pruning and splicing in order to remain healthy, making for labor-intensive work.


Narayani was written by Atrus as one of the five Lesson Ages he would use to teach his sons concepts of the Art of writing Ages, and was the only Age within that group that was inhabited.

Upon first linking to Narayan, Atrus met Saavedro, a native of the Age. Atrus spent some time living with Saavedro, building a friendship and assisting him in tending Lattice Trees. In return, Saavedro agreed to teach Atrus' sons the traditions of his culture as part of their lessons.

In preparation for his sons' arrival, Atrus constructed a linking chamber where Sirrus and Achenar would need to apply their lessons in order to open two shields and access the rest of Narayan. The shields were generated using a crystal native to Amateria, which solidified the mists that blanketed Narayan into virtually impervious ice shields; the shields could only be removed by applying a specific current to counter their natural harmonics, which was achieved by inputting the lesson "poems" into appropriate consoles. Once the outer shield had been opened, the brothers would be able to take a gondola that led to Saavedro's city.

Eventually, Sirrus and Achenar did arrive on Narayan as part of their lessons. Saavedro taught them how to tend the Lattice Trees, but the boys were impatient and uninterested in the amount of labor the Trees required. Atrus ultimately arrived to take his sons home, promising to return to the Age at some point in the future.

At about 20 years of age, with their father preoccupied with other projects, Sirrus and Achenar returned to plunder Narayan of the riches it had to offer. Bringing along books to some of Atrus' most beautiful ages, the brothers claimed that Atrus had made the age intentionally unstable and falsely claimed that they could alter the age to reduce the people's labors. While the youth, who did not want to dedicate their lives to tending the Tree, were receptive to their offer, the Elders insisted that Narayan's civilization depended on the upkeep of the Tree. At Sirrus and Achenar's prompting, the youth began to boycott the ancient rituals and form gangs, eventually leading to a civil war. (Years later, writing in his Serenia Journal, Achenar recounted Sirrus "[trying] to lay the whole Narayan civil war debacle on ME," implying that causing an all-out war was not their initial plan.) Meanwhile, the neglected Lattice Trees became overgrown and began to die.

Eventually, Sirrus and Achenar grew tired of Narayan and left the Age with the valuables they had plundered. Saavedro managed to followed them to J'nanin, intending to demand that they fix the damage they had caused. However, the brothers were expecting him and succeeded in subduing him, possibly with the aid of poison. The brothers tied their victim to a post, revealing that they had no intention of helping the Narayani. After returning briefly to Narayan to close both shields, preventing anyone else from following them, Sirrus and Achenar linked away to Myst, destroying their linking books in a bonfire and leaving Saveedro marooned on J'nanin.

In the years that followed, Saavedro managed to escape his bonds and traveled through Atrus' Lesson Ages, ultimately regaining access to Narayan. By this time, both of the Trees visible through the outer shield had completely withered, convincing Saavedro that his civilization was extinct. To numb the pain of losing his people and family, Saavedro succumbed to a mental fog that lasted until Atrus' brief return to J'nanin after writing Releeshahn.

The outer shield that separated the linking chamber from the rest of Narayan remained closed until 9471 DE (1815 CE), when Saavedro attempted to take revenge against Atrus and his family by stealing the Descriptive Book to Releeshahn. Contrary to his plans, Saaveedro was followed by the Stranger instead of Atrus, and the Stranger succeeded in determining the "poem" required to deactivate the outer shield. It then became evident that two new Lattice trees had taken the place of the wilted Trees, indicating that the civil war had somehow been resolved. After regaining the Releeshahn book, the Stranger allowed Saavedro to travel to one of the new trees, where he was (hopefully) reunited with his family.



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