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Narayan in 1815 CE


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Myst III: Exile

Narayan is a Lesson Age written by Atrus to help teach his sons Sirrus and Achenar how civilization could bring stability to an Age. The main part of the Age is above a cloud layer, with its cities built out of large plants known as Lattice Trees. In order for the Narayani people to live in these plants, they harvested the spores that floated up from an ocean below the cloud layer and wove them into the lattice trees. The spores would eventually grow into room-sized spheres where the Narayani would live. The lattice trees required continuous tending or else they would die.


Narayani was written by Atrus as one of the five Lesson Ages he would use to teach his sons concepts of the Art of writing Ages, and was the only Age within that group that was inhabited.

Upon first linking to Narayan, Atrus met Saavedro, a native of the Age. Atrus spent some time living with Saavedro and learning from him the art of tending the Lattice Trees. Atrus also built a shielded complex in Narayan. Presumably the shields were meant as a test of Atrus' sons before they could visit Narayan proper.

Eventually Sirrus and Achenar did arrive on Narayan as part of their lessons. Saavedro taught them how to tend the Lattice Trees, but the boys were impatient and uninterested in the amount of labor the Trees required.

Years later, after they had exiled their parents to Riven and K'veer, Sirrus and Achenar returned to plunder Narayan as they had their father's other Ages. They formented a civil war between the youth of the Age who did not want to dedicate their lives to tending the Tree and the Elders who insisted that that was the only way the Narayani could survive. During the fighting Saavedro's Tree went untended and died.

Eventually Sirrus and Achenar grew tired of Narayan and left the Age. They raised the shields around their complex, preventing any of the Narayani natives from following them. Saavedro managed to get inside before the brothers turned on the shields and followed them to J'nanin. The brothers discovered and trapped them there, leaving him confined to the five lesson Ages.

No other contact was had with the natives of Narayan for several years until in 1815 CE Saavedro attempted to take revenge on Atrus and his family by stealing the Releeshahn Descriptive Book. As part of his plot, he led the Stranger to the shielded complex on Narayan. The Stranger lowered the shields and allowed Saavedro to return to Narayan proper, and with luck to his family. At least some of the Lattice Trees survived the civil war, but the precise history of how that conflict ended is not known.



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