Myst V: End of Ages Soundtrack

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The following article is written from an Out of Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.
The soundtrack's cover.
Myst V: End of Ages Soundtrack is an album of all the tracks composed by Tim Larkin for Myst V: End of Ages. It was originally released with the limited edition of the game, though was available for sale in November of 2005.


  1. "Descent" —
  2. "Beginnings - Atrus"
  3. "Great Shaft"
  4. "Villa"
  5. "Laki"
  6. "Arena Reveal"
  7. "Tahgira Ice Fields"
  8. "Beginnings - Yeesha"
  9. "Noloben Lab"
  10. "End of Ages"
  11. "Todelmer"
  12. "Time Machine"
  13. "Fighter Beach"
  14. "Beginnings - Esher"
  15. "Trapped"
  16. "Myst"
  17. "Finale"