Myst V: End of Ages Soundtrack

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Myst V: End of Ages Soundtrack


Tim Larkin

Release date

November 2005

No. of tracks


Total length


Myst V: End of Ages Soundtrack is an album of most of the tracks composed by Tim Larkin for Myst V: End of Ages, some of which were originally composed for Uru. The album was originally released with the limited edition of the game, though was made available for sale in November of 2005.


# Title Length Heard in
1 Descent 0:42 The Great Shaft, when using the upper elevator for the first time
2 Beginnings - Atrus 2:10 The game's intro
3 Great Shaft 3:33 The Great Shaft
4 Villa 1:06 Laki'ahn, during Esher's speech upon arrival in the Age
5 Laki 3:38 The Laki'ahn entry area, before reaching the arena
6 Arena Reveal 1:31 The Laki'ahn arena
7 Tahgira Ice Fields 3:12 Tahgira
8 Beginnings - Yeesha 3:46 K'veer, during Yeesha's speech
9 Noloben Lab 4:34 Noloben, in Esher's lab
10 End of Ages 4:13 The Myst Library, during one of the game's bad endings
11 Todelmer 3:23 Todelmer
12 Time Machine 3:53
13 Fighter Beach 1:01 Laki'ahn, on Fighter Beach
14 Beginnings - Esher 2:32 The Caldera, during Esher's first speech
15 Trapped 1:25 Myst Island, in one of the game's bad endings
16 Myst 2:43 Myst Island
17 Finale 6:06 The game's good ending