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Myst Library
The Library in 9462 DE (1806 CE)


Myst Island


housing Atrus's books

Linking books to it

Linking books there

Writings there

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"My library. Oh.. it contains my works, my writings. Oh, I wrote many books, many books that linked me to fantastic places."

The Myst Library is the one of the more important structures on Myst Island. Built by Atrus during the thirty years he lived on the Age, it housed his Linking and Descriptive Books as well as his journals until most of them were destroyed in 9462 DE (1806 CE) by his sons Sirrus and Achenar.


In 9462 DE (1806 CE)[edit]

The interior of the library has eight walls: One houses the door to the outside, one features a fireplace, one the bookshelf, two displayed the Red and Blue Prison Books, and the remaining three displayed paintings. When touching one of the paintings, the bookshelf gave way to a secret passage that led to the Tower of Rotation. This also closed the library's main entrance. A second painting would close the passage and open the entrance again. The third painting was a map of Myst Island. Parts of it could be illuminated by switching on Marker Switches, and the Tower of Rotation could be rotated with it.

The linking book to Rime was found in a niche in the floor, which could be raised by entering a four-digit combination in its control panel. That could in turn be accessed through a passage starting in one of the Spaceship walkway's pillars, which could be opened in the fore-chamber. Atrus quickly scribbled these steps into his First Rime Journal and dropped it on the floor after being freed, so the Stranger could access Rime.

Modern Times[edit]

2004 CE[edit]

After following the Path of the Shell, the explorer was linked to the library. The burn marks from the burned trap books were still there. The paintings to access the outside and the tower rotation were broken, and the door was sealed. The bookshelf has been emptied completely and Catherine's shirt has been placed there. However, the fireplace still worked and the K'veer book was still there, although requiring a different combination. The original combination would've instead revealed the Fireplace Relto Page. A third combination could be used to activate an easter egg, which revealed a sheet of paper with a recipe for "D'nied Eggs".

2005 CE[edit]

Strangely, in 2005 the library was in horrible condition, even though it was fine one year prior in 2004. The door was opened, but Catherine's shirt was removed and the fireplace ceased to function. Esher had also placed a pedestal there, such that Dr. Watson could place the Tablet on it. Esher would then have had the Tablet and could have used it without touching it, which would have caused it to return into the Keep, because he can no longer hold it.

Present time[edit]

Since 2005 the entrance has been sealed off again and the pedestal has been removed. Because the fireplace is still broken, the Relto page has been moved onto one of the book displays. Catherine's shirt has been returned to the bookshelf. A sparklie can now be found on top of the (lowered) Rime book niche. The linking book is possibly still there, but this cannot be confirmed, because the raising mechanism is inaccessible.