Myst Island

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Myst Island
Myst Island in 2005 CE


Personal Age

Written by

Ti'ana and Katran


1774 CE


  • Ti'ana (9429–9442 DE (1774–1786 CE))
  • Atrus (9429–9461 DE (1774–1806 CE))
  • Katran (9429–9461 DE (1774–1806 CE))
  • Achenar (9431–9461 DE (1776–1806 CE))
  • Sirrus (9434–9461 DE (1779–1806 CE))

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"Water lapped against the rocks beneath, while somewhere out in the distant haze seagulls called forlornly."

Myst is an Age written by Ti'ana as a new home for herself, Atrus, and Katran, and later for Sirrus and Achenar. This was where Atrus wrote many of his Ages and kept them guarded in their Places of Protection. Books that did not have places of protection were kept in the library.


Myst in 9462 DE (1806 CE)

Myst was written in 1774 CE. It was first used by Catherine and Atrus as a base of operation as they worked on removing all of Gehn's Linking Books from Riven, an Age they planned to trap him on. Although at first Catherine claimed she had written Myst, it was in fact written by Ti'ana, Atrus's grandmother. One of the first structures built was the Log Cabin which was where the three lived during their earlier days before the creation of the library and its supposed underground living quarters.

Not long after, Achenar was born and three years later, Sirrus was born.

When Ti'ana died in 1786 CE, she was buried here and flowers similar to Ephemerals were placed on her grave.

Sirrus and Achenar later turned on their parents and destroyed many of the Ages that they had written. They managed to imprison Atrus in K'veer and sent Catherine to Riven. With their parents out of the way, they became trapped in Spire and Haven respectively, the two Ages that Atrus had forbidden them access to as they were both Prison Ages with no way out.

In 9462 DE (1806 CE), the Stranger found Atrus's discarded Myst linking book that had fallen into the Star Fissure thirty years prior and ended up on Earth, near the Cleft in what is modern day New Mexico. They used it to link to Myst, and, once there, they explored Channelwood, Selenitic, Stoneship, and Mechanical, ultimately finding the missing page from Atrus's linking book, freeing him from K'veer. Atrus returned to Myst Island briefly to burn the Haven and Spire linking books, to prevent anyone from mistakenly using the books and becoming trapped with the brothers. He then returned to K'veer and offered the Stranger the library as a reward.

A few weeks later, Atrus sent the Stranger to Riven to trap Gehn and free Catherine.

Atrus and Catherine then returned to Myst and lived there for a short time, but found it too painful, as it brought back too many painful memories. They then moved to Chroma'agana, abandoning the island.

Both Atrus and Catherine revisited the island at least once to seek inspiration for Releeshahn.

Modern Times[edit]

After 200 years of being uninhabited, the island has fallen into a state of decay. Thunderstorms never cease and all the pieces of machinery are in disrepair. In 2005, Esher placed a pedestal in the library that would allow him to hold the Tablet which Dr. Watson had in his possession. Esher tried to convince him to bring the Tablet to Myst as Yeesha refused to visit it, but failed.

Explorers who complete the Path of the Shell are allowed to visit the library, although the door to the outside is sealed shut and the Tablet pedestal has been removed.


A map of Myst Island

The island is small with its west side mostly covered in grass and pine trees. The eastern part of the island is rocky with two small mountains on the eastern shore. A much smaller island is located just off the western shore on which Atrus constructed a Clocktower.

In 9462 DE (1806 CE), Seagulls could be seen around the docks and a pair of butterflies flew around in the Forest.

Main Landmarks[edit]



Myst Island is the most iconic Age in the Myst series, because it's the first visited Age in entire franchise. It was also given a significant pop culture boost due to the library being featured in the iconic "Homer³" segment of "The Simpsons" episode "Treehouse of Horror VI".



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