Myst IV: Revelation: The Soundtrack

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Myst IV: Revelation: The Soundtrack


Jack Wall

Release date

September 29, 2004

No. of tracks


Total length


Myst IV Revelation: The Soundtrack was a collection of many of the tracks composed by Jack Wall for Myst IV: Revelation, released on September 29th, 2004, along with the game itself. The album has 24 tracks, with track 11, "Welcome", being performed by the Warsaw Village Band.


# Title Length Heard in
1 Main Theme 4:29 The main menu
2 Yeesha's Joyride 1:03 The cutscene of Yeesha driving the tram
3 Enter Tomahna 6:37 Tomahna, during the day
4 Darkness 2:59 Tomahna, during the night
5 Achenar's Prelude 0:13 Tomahna, when Achenar uses the Serenia book
6 Jungle Landing 3:40 Haven, during and just after the cutscene when the Stranger glides into the jungle
7 The Swamp 2:25 Haven's swamps
8 The Predator 3:59 Haven's grasslands
9 Lakeside 2:36 Haven's lakeside
10 Achenar Meeting 1:53 Serenia, during Achenar's speech
11 Welcome 3:00 Haven, in the mangree village in the south jungle after the relevant puzzle has been solved
12 Enter Spire 3:30 Spire's topmost levels
13 Prison Level 4:56 Sirrus's quarters in Spire
14 Sirrus Defends / Sirrus' Rage 2:31 Serenia, during Sirrus's Speech
Spire, during the Memory of the Viewing Device.
15 Nearest Island 2:52 Spire's second palace, after descending below the cloud layer
Spire, after raising the elevator from the Bomb Factory
16 Leaving Spire 1:00 Spire, when using the elevator in the Bomb Factory for the first time
17 Enter Serenia 3:11 Serenia, in the Stone Forest
18 The Monastery 2:12 Serenia, in the Monastery
19 Dream 0:59 Dream
20 Hall of Spirits 2:32 The Hall of Spirits
21 The Serenians 2:04
22 The Revelation / The Sacrifice 2:24 The game's finale
23 End Game 2:07 During Achenar's last speech
24 Atrus' Speech 1:45 During Atrus's speech in the game's good ending