Myst IV: Revelation Collector's Edition Bonus CD

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The collector's edition of Myst IV: Revelation included a bonus CD, containing a few music tracks composed by Jack Wall for the game, as well as five 'Making Of' videos with interviews from employees of Team Revelation and Cyan.


Myst IV: Revelation
Collector's Edition Bonus CD


Jack Wall

Release date


No. of tracks


Total length


The music included in the CD consists of 9 tracks, three of which also appear on Myst IV: Revelation: The Soundtrack ("Revelation Main Theme", as "Main Theme"; "Serenia", as "Enter Serenia"; and "Welcome"). The filename of "Welcome" identifies it as track 11, despite the fact that it is the ninth track; this is likely related to "Welcome" being track 11 on the game's main soundtrack album.

# Title Filename Length Heard in
1 Revelation Main Theme MAIN THEME 4:29 The game's main menu
2 Finding Yeesha TOMAHNA 4:09 Tomahna, at night
3 Serenia SERENIA 3:10 Serenia, in the Stone Forest
4 The Prison Cell SPIRE_PRISON LEVEL3 3:27
5 Predator HAVEN PREDATOR 5:03 The mangree village, prior to solving the puzzle there
6 Sirrus SIRRUS 2:08
7 Bomb Factory BOMB FACTORYwav 2:24 Spire, in the Bomb Factory, and on the upper level of the nearest island
8 Predator Revisited HAVEN PREDATOR2 4:39
9 Welcome WVB_WELCOME 2:57 The mangree village, after solving the puzzle there