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Myst III: Exile


Presto Studios



Release date

May 7th, 2001

Locations visited

Preceded by

Myst: The Book of D'ni

Succeeded by

Myst IV: Revelation

"The perfect place to plan revenge."
Myst III tagline

Myst III: Exile is the third game and the sixth chronological entry in the Myst franchise. It was developed by Presto Studios, being the first Myst game not developed by Cyan, Inc., though they did have some input into it. It was released on May 7th, 2001.


Taking place in 1815 CE, Atrus has asked the Stranger to come to Tomahna to show him the newly completed Releeshahn. While Atrus fetches his keys to the lock on Releeshahn descriptive book, Saavedro links in, ignites a nearby curtain with a Fire Marble, steals the Releeshahn book, and links out using a J'nanin linking book that he brought with him. The Stranger then pursues, though Saavedro locks himself in the main tower and escapes to Narayan. The Stranger then must travel to the other three lesson ages to learn their symbols, in order to unlock the Narayan linking book. Once there, The Stranger must figure out how to open the shields. Upon opening the outer shield, Saavedro discovers to his delight that Narayan has survived. However, since only one shield could be open at a time, Saavedro makes a deal with the Stranger. If the Stranger opens the outer shield for Saavedro, he will return the Releeshahn Descriptive Book. Possible endings include the Stranger returning to Tomahna with or without the book, or even the Stranger's death.

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The music was scored by Jack Wall.


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