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The soundtrack's cover
Myst: The Soundtrack was a collection of all the tracks composed by Robyn Miller for Myst. It was officially released in 1995 with a total of 26 tracks, three of which were unused in the final game. A remastered version of the track was available in the May 2013 Retro Game Music Bundle. The booklet included with it contained parts of Atrus's journal and high resolution renderings of images not seen in the game.
The cover of the remastered soundtrack


  1. "Myst Theme" – 1:30 (Heard during the intro and Myst flyover)
  2. "Treegate" – 1:58 (Heard in Channelwood's Place of Protection)
  3. "Planetarium" – 1:38 (Heard in the Planetarium)
  4. "Shipgate" – 1:27 (Heard in the cabin on the boat and in the Myst room in Stoneship)
  5. "The Tower" – 1:43 (Heard in the Tower of Rotation when it is locked on a place of protection)
  6. "The Last Message (Forechamber Theme)" – 2:34 (Heard in the Fore-chamber)
  7. "Fortress Ambience Part I" – 0:40 (Heard in the front halls of the Mechanical fortress)
  8. "Fortress Ambience Part II" – 0:50 (Heard in the back hall of the Mechanical fortress)
  9. "Mechanical Mystgate" – 2:00 (Heard in the Myst book room in Mechanical)
  10. "Sirrus' Cache" – 1:42 (Heard in Sirrus's secret room in the Mechanical fortress)
  11. "Sirrus' Theme - Mechanical Age" – 1:34 (Heard in Sirrus's room in the Mechanical fortress)
  12. "Achenar's Cache" – 1:41 (Heard in Achenar's secret room in the Mechanical fortress)
  13. "Achenar's Theme – Mechanical Age" – 2:11 (Heard in Achenar's room in the Mechanical fortress)
  14. "Compass Rose" – 1:28 (Heard in the room with the compass rose in Stoneship)
  15. "Above Stoneship (Telescope Theme)" – 1:30 (Heard by the telescope in Stoneship)
  16. "Sirrus' Theme - Stoneship Age" – 1:25 (Heard in Sirrus's room in Stoneship)
  17. "Achenar's Theme - Stoneship Age" – 1:40 (Heard in Achenar's room in Stoneship)
  18. "Selenitic Mystgate" – 1:42 (Heard in the Myst book room in Selenitic)
  19. "The Temple of Achenar" – 1:35 (Heard in Achenar's temple in Channelwood)
  20. "Sirrus' Theme - Channelwood Age" – 1:32 (Heard in Sirrus's room in Channelwood)
  21. "Achenar's Theme - Channelwood Age" – 2:07 (Heard in Achenar's room in Channelwood)
  22. "Un-Finale" – 1:57 (Heard in K'veer if you haven't brought the page)
  23. "Finale" – 1:34 (Heard in K'veer if you have brought the page)
  24. "Fireplace Theme" – 0:43
  25. "Early Selenitic Mystage" – 1:16
  26. "Original Un-Finale" – 1:27