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Mechanical in 9462 DE (1806 CE)


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"The sky here is dark and gray, and incessantly displays flashes of lightning in the distance."

Mechanical is an Age written by Atrus during his life on Myst Island.


It consists of three small islands, connected by a rotating fortress. The south island is the largest and houses the link-in point, the room for the Myst book (locked by a combination) and several unused gears. The east island is relatively small and the only point of interest is the last two symbols for the lock on the south island. The north island is the smallest of the three and houses the first two symbols.

Inside the Fortress are rooms for Sirrus and Achenar. An elevator leading to the second floor can be found at the center of the fortress. The controls to rotate the fortress are on top of the elevator and can only be accessed when the elevator is at the midway point.


A map of Mechanical.

Parts taken from the Mechanical Journal:

There was a beautiful city that rose up out of the water. It housed many people inside its walls and the people had everything they wished for. The city was surrounded by three high hills which rose higher than the city.

On the east hill of the city rested a large lookout post. The people of the city had constructed the post expecting visitors to arrive from the east. The people had no means of traveling on the water, which forced them to merely wait for friend or foe.

As time passed, friendly visitors brought rumors of an enemy that existed beyond the horizon. The people grew fearful, yet nothing happened. One day the usually sunny sky became as dark as night, and black ships appeared on the horizon. The lookout post's attempts at peace were turned away, and the sentries there were easily overwhelmed. The ships continued to wreak havoc on the city, apparently destroying everyone and everything. After the foundations of the city were destroyed, the city sunk deep into the ocean and only the lookout post remained. The black ships sailed away.

Eight people had hidden and managed to survive through the attack. In the nine years since the attack, two of the survivors had died. It was rumored that ten years from the attack, the enemy would return to finish the destruction they had started so long ago.

Years later, Atrus wrote a link book there. He was met by one of the survivors who told him the story of their past. Atrus then decided to help them and, with the help of his sons, built a fortress of protection. When the black ships returned, they were not able to destroy the fortress and left in defeat. Atrus and his sons soon left to explore other ages. Sirrus and Achenar later returned and declared themselves rulers.

By the time the Stranger visited in 9462 DE (1806 CE), all the inhabitants were gone.


The following section is written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

In The Joining, Sirrus and Achenar take a boat out on the waters of Mechanical and encounter the black ship pirates. They live with them a few days before returning to Atrus.




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