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This article is about the sixth King of D'ni. For Grand Master of the Guild of Writers, see Mararon (Grand Master).
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Time of rule

997–1159 DE (6660–6497 BCE)






King Mararon Notebook


923–924 DE (age Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".)


1159 DE (aged 235)

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Mararon (D'nimararon, Mahrahron) was the youngest son of Veesha and the sixth King of D'ni.


Mararon was born in 924 DE (6733–6732 BCE). He was the fifth and youngest son of King Veesha. At a young age, he joined the Guild of Maintainers. When he was 50, he was injured while visiting an Age and fell into a coma. Although members of the Guild of Healers claimed he would never awaken, he did so three years later.

20 years after he awoke from his coma, his father died and Mararon took the throne. At the time he was 73. He placed a strong value on life and encouraged his people to do the same.

In 1124 DE (6533–6532 BCE), Guild Master Ti'lanar of the Guild of Legislators submitted a paper titled "Minor Guilds." Mararon strongly agreed with what it said and created the first Minor Guilds. The paper also suggested that the Common Schools be placed under the Guild of Legislators and improved the system, increasing the time a child would spend in school from six years to fifteen

During his free time, Mararon tried to live life to the fullest. He became addicted to several drugs and drinks. He threw out many of the rules that his father had written concerning marriage and adultery and had numerous affairs.

Mararon died in 1159 DE (6498–6497 BCE) at the young age of 235. He left the throne to his eldest son, Koreen.