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The area near the Cleft, located in Eddy County, New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the fifty states that makes up the United States of America, a human nation located on the continent of North America, on Earth. The state has a population of around two million human inhabitants, and is the location of the D'ni City. Anna lived in New Mexico with with her father in the early 1700s CE, and the Lodge, the Cleft, and the entrances to the D'ni caverns are all located in Eddy County, a county of New Mexico. The D'ni Restoration Council is officially based in Carlsbad, the county seat of Eddy County, and several thousand acres of land in New Mexico surrounding the Desert Canyon are currently under the legal ownership of Jeff Zandi, who lives in a trailer near the Cleft. Tomahna, which is located somewhere within the vicinity of the Cleft, may also be located in New Mexico.

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