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  1. All MYSTAges articles should contain correct spelling, punctuation, capital letters and language structure.
  2. For all British/American spelling differences, American spelling will be used (e.g. "color", not "colour").
  3. Inappropriate language is not allowed anywhere on MYSTAges, any edits with inappropriate language will be undone, and the editor will be warned. If inappropriate language is still used after 2 warnings, the editor will be blocked for one month.
  4. Tips, speculation, and opinions should not be in articles, even if they are stated as such. The userspace is exempt from this rule.

Third Person vs First Person[edit]

On MYSTAges, it is important to remain in a third person point of view when editing.

In Cavern vs Out of Cavern[edit]

At MYSTAges, all articles should remain In Cavern as much as possible.

Explorer Pages[edit]

While MYSTAges welcomes pages for Explorers, we do require that they meet at least one of two qualifications:

  1. The explorer has made a widely recognized contribution that is part of the enduring historical record. (such as any explorer who plays a significant role in the Heritage Documents, is a member of the Intangibles, began some tradition, or organized a long lasting Guild or recurring event)
  2. The person is known for creating a significant new concept, theory or technique (as in skydiving, marker games, or understanding of the D'ni)

Since articles of this type contain information on representations of real individuals, the explorers themselves have more or less the final say on what is included in their own explorer page, if they meet the above criteria. Likewise, if an explorer documented on the wiki wishes for their explorer page to be removed, it should be removed.

What all articles should contain[edit]

All articles on MYSTAges should contain:

  1. An appropriate infobox template, filled out and with a good image of the subject. Additional images of the subject should be included in a page gallery or in the rest of the article, if appropriate. If available, infobox sub-templates (such as Age, Character, etc.) should be used instead of the basic infobox.
  2. A one to three sentence introduction.
  3. If possible, a gallery.
  4. If needed, a trivia section.
  5. A navigation template, if applicable.
  6. A categorization template, if applicable.

Character Articles[edit]

Articles about characters should also contain:

  1. The Character infobox instead of the normal one.
  2. A section on the history of the character.
  3. An instance of the template Cats/Character, with the relevant parameters filled in, and any other appropriate categories.

Age Articles[edit]

Articles about Ages should also contain:

  1. The Age infobox instead of the normal one.
  2. A section on the history of the Age.
  3. An instance of the template Cats/Age, with the relevant parameters filled in, and any other appropriate categories.

What pages not to make[edit]

  1. Reviews about the games. You can create them under User:(your username)/Reviews, or elsewhere in your own userspace.
  2. Pages for your character in Uru. While we do have pages for several explorers, most of them have made some important contribution to the Myst community. See Explorer Pages for more details to see if your explorer qualifies.

Uploading Pictures[edit]

On MYSTAges, we only allow photos related to Myst games or books. You are welcome to upload your own screenshots of any Myst game. We ask that you do not take photos from other sites. We also ask that you do not upload inappropriate photos. Any copied or inappropriate photos will be deleted.

Myst vs realMYST images[edit]

Although we accept photos from the original Myst, Masterpiece Edition, and realMYST on MYSTAges, we generally prefer images from realMyst: Masterpiece Edition due to their higher quality.