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The following article is written from an In-Cavern (IC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered real.

This is a list of holidays, observances, and anniversaries observed by the D'ni or by explorers, along with the surface dates and times of upcoming observances. For more information on D'ni dates, please refer to the D'ni Time Units article. The current D'ni date is Leetar 12, 9675 DE (update).

D'ni New Year (Leefo 1)[edit]

Main article: D'ni New Hahr
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The D'ni New Hahr, or D'ni New Year, marks the start of each D'ni hahr, occurring on Leefo 1. The event is the most widely-celebrated D'ni event by explorers, with DRC Restoration Engineers placing D'ni 'happy new year' banners in Bevin and Seret neighborhoods around the event, which remain there for several days.

D'ni date Starts
Leefo 1, 9676 DE April 20, 2020 CE, 17:27:46 UTC
Leefo 1, 9677 DE April 20, 2021 CE, 23:16:31 UTC
Leefo 1, 9678 DE April 21, 2022 CE, 05:05:16 UTC
Leefo 1, 9679 DE April 21, 2023 CE, 10:54:01 UTC
Leefo 1, 9680 DE April 20, 2024 CE, 16:42:47 UTC

Opening of the first Common Library (Leefo 12)[edit]

See also: Common Libraries

The first D'ni Common Library was opened on Leefo 12, 233 DE (May 7–8, 7424 BCE), during the reign of King Ailesh. Common Libraries were intended to serve as a place where all D'ni citizens could have access to public Ages, and throughout D'ni's history several of them were built, including the Ae'gura Library.

Ailesh, like his mentor and predecessor Ri'neref, focused more on meeting the needs of the D'ni public than on any of his own desires as King. As a result, Ailesh refused to build himself a palace until a Common Library was built. However, even when the library was completed, Ailesh still refused to build himself a palace.

D'ni date Starts
Leefo 12, 9676 DE May 4, 2020 CE, 13:57:33 UTC
May 5, 2020 CE, 20:11:10 UTC
9,442nd anniversary
Leefo 12, 9677 DE May 4, 2021 CE, 19:46:18 UTC
May 6, 2021 CE, 01:59:55 UTC
9,443rd anniversary
Leefo 12, 9678 DE May 5, 2022 CE, 01:35:03 UTC
May 6, 2022 CE, 07:48:40 UTC
9,444th anniversary
Leefo 12, 9679 DE May 5, 2023 CE, 07:23:48 UTC
May 6, 2023 CE, 13:37:25 UTC
9,445th anniversary
Leefo 12, 9680 DE May 4, 2024 CE, 13:12:33 UTC
May 5, 2024 CE, 19:26:10 UTC
9,446th anniversary

Sealing of the Temple of the Great King (Leefo 23)[edit]

See also: Tomb of the Great King
King Ahlsendar, as depicted in a painting by Fahlee

In 1466 DE (6191–6190 BCE), King Ahlsendar, who was believed by most D'ni at the time to be the prophesied Great King, released an engineered plague upon the Pento civilization, resulting in the infection of many Inhabited Ages with the plague, the deaths of thousands of ahrotahntee, and the complete extinction of the Pento civilization. At first, the D'ni public, unaware of Ahlsendar's involvement, blamed the Pento for the devastation, and it was planned to gather together and destroy the books to all Ages that had been infected by fleeing Pento.

Then, in late 1500 DE (6157–6156 BCE), Ahlsendar gave a speech to the D'ni public, in which he revealed his involvement in the plague and asked to be sealed into the Temple of the Great King along with the infected books and – as Ahlsendar had preached that the D'ni must forget their past – any ancient books that linked the D'ni to their past, such as books leading to Garternay and Terahnee. Around a year after Ahlsendar's speech, on Leefo 23, 1502 DE (May 21–23, 6155 BCE), Ahlsendar was sealed inside the Temple along with the books.

After six months had passed, Ahlsendar's chosen successor, Solath, apparently uncovered the final wishes of Ahlsendar and read them publicly, reading that Ahlsendar "was not to return" and that "for no reason should the seal on the Temple of the Great King ever be broken". The newly-crowned King Solath ordered the renaming of the Temple of the Great King to the Tomb of the Great King, and Ahlsendar was presumed dead, though there remained some that believed he would return.

D'ni date Starts
Leefo 23, 9676 DE May 18, 2020 CE, 10:27:19 UTC
May 19, 2020 CE, 16:40:56 UTC
8,173rd anniversary
Leefo 23, 9677 DE May 18, 2021 CE, 16:16:05 UTC
May 19, 2021 CE, 22:29:42 UTC
8,174th anniversary
Leefo 23, 9678 DE May 18, 2022 CE, 22:04:50 UTC
May 20, 2022 CE, 04:18:27 UTC
8,175th anniversary
Leefo 23, 9679 DE May 19, 2023 CE, 03:53:35 UTC
May 20, 2023 CE, 10:07:12 UTC
8,176th anniversary
Leefo 23, 9680 DE May 18, 2024 CE, 09:42:20 UTC
May 19, 2024 CE, 15:55:57 UTC
8,177th anniversary

Second Feast of the Maker (Leebro 20)[edit]

Main article: Feasts of the Maker

The Second Feast of the Maker was the second of the three Feasts of the Maker, celebrated throughout the D'ni hahr. They were feast days dedicated to Yahvo, and were originally celebrated by the Ronay, prior to the D'ni Exodus. Oddly, the Second Feast of the Maker was the first one to occur after the start of a hahr.

D'ni date Starts
Leebro 20, 9676 DE June 20, 2020 CE, 04:21:21 UTC
June 21, 2020 CE, 10:34:58 UTC
Leebro 20, 9677 DE June 20, 2021 CE, 10:10:06 UTC
June 21, 2021 CE, 16:23:43 UTC
Leebro 20, 9678 DE June 20, 2022 CE, 15:58:51 UTC
June 21, 2022 CE, 22:12:28 UTC
Leebro 20, 9679 DE June 20, 2023 CE, 21:47:37 UTC
June 22, 2023 CE, 04:01:14 UTC
Leebro 20, 9680 DE June 20, 2024 CE, 03:36:22 UTC
June 21, 2024 CE, 09:49:59 UTC

Fall of D'ni (Leesahn 8)[edit]

Main article: Fall of D'ni

The Final Revolt of Veovis occurred on Leesahn 8, 9400 DE (July 11–13, 1744 CE), marking the final attack of A'gaeris and Veovis on D'ni and the climax of the Fall of D'ni. On this day, the two released an unknown gas into the D'ni City via its ventilation shafts, causing the widespread destruction of the D'ni civilization and the D'ni City, assisted by earthquakes that occurred at the same time (the natures of which are not known). A'gaeris and Veovis then spent some time linking infected bodies of deceased D'ni to various Ages, killing even more of the D'ni who had fled from the cavern before they could become infected.

D'ni date Starts
Leesahn 8, 9676 DE July 11, 2020 CE, 14:12:50 UTC
July 12, 2020 CE, 20:26:27 UTC
275th anniversary
Leesahn 8, 9677 DE July 11, 2021 CE, 20:01:35 UTC
July 13, 2021 CE, 02:15:12 UTC
276th anniversary
Leesahn 8, 9678 DE July 12, 2022 CE, 01:50:20 UTC
July 13, 2022 CE, 08:03:57 UTC
277th anniversary
Leesahn 8, 9679 DE July 12, 2023 CE, 07:39:05 UTC
July 13, 2023 CE, 13:52:42 UTC
278th anniversary
Leesahn 8, 9680 DE July 11, 2024 CE, 13:27:51 UTC
July 12, 2024 CE, 19:41:28 UTC
279th anniversary

Day of Dancing (Leetar 21)[edit]

Main article: Day of Dancing

The Day of Dancing was an annual D'ni observance that originally occurred on Leetar 21, 3646 DE (September 5–6, 4011 BCE), marking the day that Garternay, the original home Age of the D'ni, was completely destroyed. The D'ni used the day to celebrate the so-called "Great King", Ahlsendar, who had preached that the D'ni must forget their past, as well as the fact that the D'ni were able to flee from Garternay and continue to exist on Earth. It is unclear how the D'ni were aware of Garternay's destruction, given that all books leading there should have, at the time, been sealed in the Tomb of the Great King.

The Day of Dancing is celebrated by explorers to a certain extent, if not for its original meaning.

D'ni date Starts
Leetar 21, 9675 DE September 3, 2019 CE, 05:55:58 UTC
September 4, 2019 CE, 12:09:35 UTC
6,030th occurrence
Leetar 21, 9676 DE September 2, 2020 CE, 11:44:43 UTC
September 3, 2020 CE, 17:58:20 UTC
6,031st occurrence
Leetar 21, 9677 DE September 2, 2021 CE, 17:33:28 UTC
September 3, 2021 CE, 23:47:05 UTC
6,032nd occurrence
Leetar 21, 9678 DE September 2, 2022 CE, 23:22:13 UTC
September 4, 2022 CE, 05:35:50 UTC
6,033rd occurrence
Leetar 21, 9679 DE September 3, 2023 CE, 05:10:59 UTC
September 4, 2023 CE, 11:24:36 UTC
6,034th occurrence

Founding of the Guild of Writers (Leevot 9)[edit]

See also: Guild of Writers

One of King Ri'neref's highest priorities following the founding of the D'ni civilization on Earth was the creation of a new Guild of Writers, with fairly different rules and regulations to the Guild of Writers that had existed on Garternay. It took eight years for the construction of the necessary buildings to be completed, at which point, on Leevot 9, 8 DE (September 27–28, 7649 BCE), the Guild of Writers was christened in a grand public ceremony.

D'ni date Starts
Leevot 9, 9675 DE September 24, 2019 CE, 15:47:27 UTC
September 25, 2019 CE, 22:01:04 UTC
9,667th anniversary
Leevot 9, 9676 DE September 23, 2020 CE, 21:36:12 UTC
September 25, 2020 CE, 03:49:49 UTC
9,668th anniversary
Leevot 9, 9677 DE September 24, 2021 CE, 03:24:57 UTC
September 25, 2021 CE, 09:38:34 UTC
9,669th anniversary
Leevot 9, 9678 DE September 24, 2022 CE, 09:13:42 UTC
September 25, 2022 CE, 15:27:19 UTC
9,670th anniversary
Leevot 9, 9679 DE September 24, 2023 CE, 15:02:27 UTC
September 25, 2023 CE, 21:16:04 UTC
9,671st anniversary

First Arrival of the Great King (Leevot 12)[edit]

Main article: First Arrival of the Great King
King Ahlsendar, as depicted in a painting by Fahlee

The First Arrival of the Great King refers to the birth of Ahlsendar on Leevot 12, 1323 DE (September 30 – October 1, 6334 BCE), who later in his life came to be believed by much of the D'ni civilization to be the prophesied Great King. The followers of Ahlsendar claimed that the nature of his birth, which supposedly occurred directly beneath the Arch of Kings, fulfilled an ancient Ronay prophecy written by Oorpah concerning the coming of a Great King, and as such the anniversary of the event was celebrated by Ahlsendar's followers.

The First Arrival also marked the beginning of the Pento War (1323–1376 DE), which began when a group of Pento warriors, led by the Judges of Yahvo, attacked the Palace. Ahlsendar's parents – including the reigning king, Koreen – fled from Ae'gura by boat when this happened, and according to rumor, Ahlsendar was born as their boat passed directly beneath the Arch of Kings.

The D'ni Restoration Council officially commemorated the event in 2003, on September 28, also hosting a poetry writing contest.

D'ni date Starts
Leevot 12, 9675 DE September 28, 2019 CE, 10:28:17 UTC
September 29, 2019 CE, 16:41:54 UTC
8,352nd anniversary
Leevot 12, 9676 DE September 27, 2020 CE, 16:17:03 UTC
September 28, 2020 CE, 22:30:40 UTC
8,353rd anniversary
Leevot 12, 9677 DE September 27, 2021 CE, 22:05:48 UTC
September 29, 2021 CE, 04:19:25 UTC
8,354th anniversary
Leevot 12, 9678 DE September 28, 2022 CE, 03:54:33 UTC
September 29, 2022 CE, 10:08:10 UTC
8,355th anniversary
Leevot 12, 9679 DE September 28, 2023 CE, 09:43:18 UTC
September 29, 2023 CE, 15:56:55 UTC
8,356th anniversary

Atrus's Korfah V'ja (Leevot 22)[edit]

See also: Korfah V'ja

On Leevot 22, 9429 DE (October 10–11, 1773 CE), Gehn held a distorted version of a D'ni Korfah V'ja (First Book Celebration) for Atrus on Age 37 after Atrus completed his first Age, Inception. Gehn described the event to Atrus as a "ceremony for a new god".

D'ni date Starts
Leevot 22, 9675 DE October 11, 2019 CE, 00:44:27 UTC
October 12, 2019 CE, 06:58:04 UTC
246th anniversary
Leevot 22, 9676 DE October 10, 2020 CE, 06:33:13 UTC
October 11, 2020 CE, 12:46:50 UTC
247th anniversary
Leevot 22, 9677 DE October 10, 2021 CE, 12:21:58 UTC
October 11, 2021 CE, 18:35:35 UTC
248th anniversary
Leevot 22, 9678 DE October 10, 2022 CE, 18:10:43 UTC
October 12, 2022 CE, 00:24:20 UTC
249th anniversary
Leevot 22, 9679 DE October 10, 2023 CE, 23:59:28 UTC
October 12, 2023 CE, 06:13:05 UTC
250th anniversary

Third Feast of the Maker (Leevofo 18)[edit]

Main article: Feasts of the Maker

The Third Feast of the Maker was the third of the three Feasts of the Maker, celebrated throughout the D'ni hahr. They were feast days dedicated to Yahvo, and were originally celebrated by the Ronay, prior to the D'ni Exodus.

D'ni date Starts
Leevofo 18, 9675 DE November 11, 2019 CE, 12:24:52 UTC
November 12, 2019 CE, 18:38:29 UTC
Leevofo 18, 9676 DE November 10, 2020 CE, 18:13:37 UTC
November 12, 2020 CE, 00:27:14 UTC
Leevofo 18, 9677 DE November 11, 2021 CE, 00:02:22 UTC
November 12, 2021 CE, 06:15:59 UTC
Leevofo 18, 9678 DE November 11, 2022 CE, 05:51:08 UTC
November 12, 2022 CE, 12:04:45 UTC
Leevofo 18, 9679 DE November 11, 2023 CE, 11:39:53 UTC
November 12, 2023 CE, 17:53:30 UTC

Coronation of King Kerath (Leevofo 27)[edit]

See also: Kerath

The thirty-fourth and last King of D'ni, Kerath, took the throne on Leevofo 27, 6731 DE (November 23–25, 926 BCE). By this point, the D'ni City was larger than it had ever been, the classes were more divided than they had ever been, and the D'ni people's religious beliefs were as divided as ever. Kerath managed to, throughout the course of his reign, convince the majority of the D'ni civilization that a King was not the correct way that D'ni should be led, and that authority over the D'ni should be transferred fully to D'ni's Council of Major Guilds, headed by five Lords.

As Kerath was the last of the Kings of D'ni, his coronation came to be a significant date for the D'ni, though perhaps not as significant as the date of his abdication 246 years later, on Leevotar 17, 6977 DE (February 28 – March 1, 679 BCE). The D'ni Restoration Council officially commemorated Kerath's coronation in 2003, on November 22.

D'ni date Starts
Leevofo 27, 9675 DE November 22, 2019 CE, 20:27:25 UTC
November 24, 2019 CE, 02:41:02 UTC
2,944th anniversary
Leevofo 27, 9676 DE November 22, 2020 CE, 02:16:10 UTC
November 23, 2020 CE, 08:29:47 UTC
2,945th anniversary
Leevofo 27, 9677 DE November 22, 2021 CE, 08:04:55 UTC
November 23, 2021 CE, 14:18:32 UTC
2,946th anniversary
Leevofo 27, 9678 DE November 22, 2022 CE, 13:53:40 UTC
November 23, 2022 CE, 20:07:17 UTC
2,947th anniversary
Leevofo 27, 9679 DE November 22, 2023 CE, 19:42:26 UTC
November 24, 2023 CE, 01:56:03 UTC
2,948th anniversary

Events portrayed in Myst IV: Revelation (Leevobro 3)[edit]

See also: Myst IV: Revelation

On Leevobro 3, 9480 DE (November 28–30, 1824 CE), the events portrayed in Myst IV: Revelation occurred – around nine years after the events portrayed in Myst III: Exile, and around eighteen years after the events portrayed in Myst and Riven: The Sequel to Myst. Perhaps most notably, this includes the redemption of Achenar and the deaths of Sirrus and Achenar. This event is also the last known event involving the Stranger – it is unknown what happened to them after this.

On this day, the Stranger, having been invited to Tomahna by Atrus in order to get an outside opinion as to what to do with regards to his imprisoned sons, arrived there via tram, escorted by Yeesha. After the Stranger helped Atrus lock into the "signals" of Haven and Spire on his Crystal Viewer, part of the Viewer blew out, causing Atrus to leave for Rime to get more parts, stopping by the Cleft on the way. The Stranger was left in Tomahna, tasked with restarting its hydroelectric generator and keeping an eye on Yeesha. As they were returning from the waterwheel after reactivating the generator, Sirrus, having just escaped from Spire, blew up the Linking Chamber in Tomahna with a Crystal Bomb, which happened to also knock out the Stranger in the process.

While the Stranger was knocked out, Sirrus, after freeing Achenar from Haven, kidnapped Yeesha, taking her to the Old Memory Chamber in Serenia. By chance, Atrus managed to get temporarily stuck on Rime due to an electromagnetic storm, preventing him from returning to Tomahna as early as he had hoped to. When the Stranger regained consciousness several hours later, they found the Linking Chamber and visited Haven and Spire. When they returned from the first Age they visited, they witnessed Achenar using a Serenia linking book across the lake.

At some point, the Stranger ended up linking to Serenia, where they witnessed Sirrus blowing up the Serenian Harvester, and then individually encountered both Achenar and Sirrus, who each claimed that the other was holding Yeesha captive. Eventually, after traveling to Dream for a short while, the Stranger managed to gain access to the Old Memory Chamber, where Yeesha was being held, though not before Sirrus had used the machine to put his consciousness in Yeesha's body. Achenar managed to convince the Stranger of this, and they reversed the transfer, though because of the instability of the old Memory Chamber, they were unable to fully transfer Yeesha's consciousness back into her body. Achenar then used the Life Stone to stabilize the Chamber, though this had the side-effect of releasing a toxic gas, poisoning him. Meanwhile, the Stranger traveled to Dream again, discovering that Sirrus's consciousness was clinging to Yeesha's in order to avoid being lost forever, due to his lack of a Spirit Guide. The Stranger managed to restore Yeesha's memories, causing Sirrus to lose his grip on Yeesha's mind; his lost consciousness was then destroyed by Dream, killing him. After awakening, the Stranger witnessed Achenar confirming that the transfer was successful, before dying in Yeesha's arms. After all of this, the Stranger and Yeesha returned to Tomahna. The Stranger met with Atrus the next day, who told them that Katran had taken Yeesha to Tay to recover.

D'ni date Starts
Leevobro 3, 9675 DE November 29, 2019 CE, 03:35:30 UTC
November 30, 2019 CE, 09:49:07 UTC
195th anniversary
Leevobro 3, 9676 DE November 28, 2020 CE, 09:24:15 UTC
November 29, 2020 CE, 15:37:52 UTC
196th anniversary
Leevobro 3, 9677 DE November 28, 2021 CE, 15:13:00 UTC
November 29, 2021 CE, 21:26:37 UTC
197th anniversary
Leevobro 3, 9678 DE November 28, 2022 CE, 21:01:45 UTC
November 30, 2022 CE, 03:15:22 UTC
198th anniversary
Leevobro 3, 9679 DE November 29, 2023 CE, 02:50:31 UTC
November 30, 2023 CE, 09:04:08 UTC
199th anniversary

Finding of the Books of Birenni (Leevobro 12)[edit]

See also: Books of Birenni, D'ni plague, Lalen, Hemelin

The D'ni plague (~2015–2262 DE) was an evolved version of the plague used by Ahlsendar to destroy the Pento civilization, likely released upon the D'ni thanks to Jolatha's breaking of the seal around sixteen years prior. It cut D'ni lifespans and fertility rates in half, and ended up killing over a quarter of the D'ni population before its cure was found centuries later.

For a while prior to his coronation as King in 2193 DE (5464–5463 BCE), Hemelin, who had been a Guild Master in the Guild of Healers, had been convinced that a cure to the plague lay in the "Books of Old", which required the authority of the King to access. His predecessor, Behnashiren, had been hesitant to allow access, though once Hemelin took the throne, that changed, and the Guild began to search through them for a cure. In 2255 DE (5402–5401 BCE), though, Hemelin himself became extremely ill, and death was predicted by the Healers. However, while he was sick and confined to his bed, he met Lalen, and the two fell in love. Hemelin, apparently gaining the will to live from his relationship with Lalen, soon recovered, as a few were fortunate enough to do.

Two years later, Lalen, while searching through old documents, discovered clues as to the whereabouts of particular ancient Descriptive Books, and a few months later found the Books of Birenni – ancient Ronay Descriptive Books written by Birenni and lost upon their arrival on Earth – one of which in particular was found to contain a plant which would prove to be the cure for the plague. A drink was developed that prevented the illness from being contracted, and six years later, on Leevobro 12, 2262 DE (December 13–14, 5395 BCE), the plague was officially considered cured by the Guild of Healers, led by Guild Master Jaysem. Also on this day, Lalen and Hemelin were wed in a grand ceremony. The celebrations at the plague's cure were unparalleled, and unofficially the D'ni Renaissance began then.

From that point forward, the day of the plague's curing and the wedding of Lalen and Hemelin, Leevobro 12, would often be chosen by D'ni couples as a wedding day. The day also became known for the fire marble search, wherein fire-marbles were hidden in homes and Ages throughout D'ni and D'ni children were sent on searches for them, thus reminding the D'ni of the search of Lalen and Hemelin to find the cure for the plague. The D'ni Restoration Council officially commemorated the event in 2003, on December 10.

D'ni date Starts
Leevobro 12, 9675 DE December 10, 2019 CE, 11:38:03 UTC
December 11, 2019 CE, 17:51:39 UTC
7,413th anniversary
Leevobro 12, 9676 DE December 9, 2020 CE, 17:26:48 UTC
December 10, 2020 CE, 23:40:25 UTC
7,414th anniversary
Leevobro 12, 9677 DE December 9, 2021 CE, 23:15:33 UTC
December 11, 2021 CE, 05:29:10 UTC
7,415th anniversary
Leevobro 12, 9678 DE December 10, 2022 CE, 05:04:18 UTC
December 11, 2022 CE, 11:17:55 UTC
7,416th anniversary
Leevobro 12, 9679 DE December 10, 2023 CE, 10:53:03 UTC
December 11, 2023 CE, 17:06:40 UTC
7,417th anniversary

Events portrayed in Myst (Leevobro 13)[edit]

See also: Myst

On Leevobro 13, 9462 DE (December 12–13, 1806 CE), the events portrayed in Myst occurred. On this day, the Stranger discovered Atrus's lost Myst Island Linking Book in the New Mexico desert near the Cleft, accidentally using it and linking to Myst before going on to free Atrus from K'veer, where he had been trapped for several months. According to Myst, this was done by bringing a missing page from Atrus's return Linking Book, though it is unknown to what extent this was artistic license. Following this rescue, Atrus burned the Haven and Spire linking books, before giving the Stranger access to his Ages on Myst Island, and hinting that he may need their help in the future, before continuing with his constant corrections to the Riven Descriptive Book.

D'ni date Starts
Leevobro 13, 9675 DE December 11, 2019 CE, 17:51:39 UTC
December 13, 2019 CE, 00:05:16 UTC
213th anniversary
Leevobro 13, 9676 DE December 10, 2020 CE, 23:40:25 UTC
December 12, 2020 CE, 05:54:02 UTC
214th anniversary
Leevobro 13, 9677 DE December 11, 2021 CE, 05:29:10 UTC
December 12, 2021 CE, 11:42:47 UTC
215th anniversary
Leevobro 13, 9678 DE December 11, 2022 CE, 11:17:55 UTC
December 12, 2022 CE, 17:31:32 UTC
216th anniversary
Leevobro 13, 9679 DE December 11, 2023 CE, 17:06:40 UTC
December 12, 2023 CE, 23:20:17 UTC
217th anniversary

Events portrayed in Riven: The Sequel to Myst (Leevosahn 1)[edit]

See also: Riven: The Sequel to Myst

On Leevosahn 1, 9462 DE (January 2–3, 1807 CE), the events portrayed in Riven: The Sequel to Myst occurred – around three weeks after the Stranger's arrival on Myst Island and rescuing of Atrus as portrayed in Myst. Most notably, this event marks the total destruction of the Age of Riven, as well as Gehn's final imprisonment.

On this day, the Stranger returned to K'veer from Myst, where Atrus immediately requested their help with rescuing Katran from Riven. He gave them one of his journals and a Linking Book to a Prison Age (though that point is debated), and allowed them to link to Riven. Upon their arrival, they found themselves the Age's Link-in Cage. They were greeted in a way by Cho, who tried to ask the Stranger in D'ni to give him the Linking Book, before becoming frustrated and forcefully taking it. Cho was then tranquilized by a dart shot by a Moiety Scout, who took the linking book and freed the Stranger before fleeing.

The Stranger, after wandering throughout the Age of Riven, eventually gained access to Tay, reclaiming the Prison Book. They also reactivated the Super Dome and used a Fire Marble Dome to gain access to Age 233, where they again found themselves in a cage, this time greeted by Gehn himself. Though it is unclear how exactly it transpired, the Stranger managed to trap Gehn in the Prison Age Linking Book. Freed from the cage, they visited Prison Island and freed Katran, who evacuated the Rivenese people to Tay. The Stranger then broke the seal on the Star Fissure, thus signaling Atrus, who linked to Riven with a return linking book, thanking the Stranger before both Katran and himself used the book, allowing it to fall into the Fissure. The Stranger fell into the Starry Expanse as Riven collapsed, presumably ending up back near the Cleft in New Mexico, along with other debris from the Age.

D'ni date Starts
Leevosahn 1, 9675 DE January 2, 2020 CE, 03:43:08 UTC
January 3, 2020 CE, 09:56:45 UTC
213th anniversary
Leevosahn 1, 9676 DE January 1, 2021 CE, 09:31:53 UTC
January 2, 2021 CE, 15:45:30 UTC
214th anniversary
Leevosahn 1, 9677 DE January 1, 2022 CE, 15:20:39 UTC
January 2, 2022 CE, 21:34:16 UTC
215th anniversary
Leevosahn 1, 9678 DE January 1, 2023 CE, 21:09:24 UTC
January 3, 2023 CE, 03:23:01 UTC
216th anniversary
Leevosahn 1, 9679 DE January 2, 2024 CE, 02:58:09 UTC
January 3, 2024 CE, 09:11:46 UTC
217th anniversary

Wedding of Katran and Atrus (Leevosahn 13)[edit]

See also: Atrus, Katran

On Leevosahn 13, 9431 DE (January 17–18, 1776 CE), a few years after first meeting each other, Katran and Atrus were married.

D'ni date Starts
Leevosahn 13, 9675 DE January 17, 2020 CE, 06:26:32 UTC
January 18, 2020 CE, 12:40:09 UTC
244th anniversary
Leevosahn 13, 9676 DE January 16, 2021 CE, 12:15:17 UTC
January 17, 2021 CE, 18:28:54 UTC
245th anniversary
Leevosahn 13, 9677 DE January 16, 2022 CE, 18:04:02 UTC
January 18, 2022 CE, 00:17:39 UTC
246th anniversary
Leevosahn 13, 9678 DE January 16, 2023 CE, 23:52:48 UTC
January 18, 2023 CE, 06:06:25 UTC
247th anniversary
Leevosahn 13, 9679 DE January 17, 2024 CE, 05:41:33 UTC
January 18, 2024 CE, 11:55:10 UTC
248th anniversary

Abdication of King Kerath (Leevotar 17)[edit]

See also: Kerath

The thirty-fourth and last King of D'ni, King Kerath, abdicated the throne on Leevotar 17, 6977 DE (February 28 – March 1, 679 BCE), handing over absolute power over D'ni to the D'ni Council, headed by the first Five LordsLord Taeri of the Guild of Messengers, Lord Hemelah of the Guild of Healers, Lord Moleth of the Guild of Caterers, Lord Kedri of the Guild of Writers, and Lord Korenen of the Guild of Analysts – thus marking the end of the Era of Kings and the beginning of the Era of Lords. Kerath would die eight years later, and in honor of the last King, the Arch of Kings was renamed the Arch of Kerath.

D'ni date Starts
Leevotar 17, 9675 DE February 27, 2020 CE, 19:55:52 UTC
February 29, 2020 CE, 02:09:29 UTC
2,698th anniversary
Leevotar 17, 9676 DE February 27, 2021 CE, 01:44:38 UTC
February 28, 2021 CE, 07:58:15 UTC
2,699th anniversary
Leevotar 17, 9677 DE February 27, 2022 CE, 07:33:23 UTC
February 28, 2022 CE, 13:47:00 UTC
2,700th anniversary
Leevotar 17, 9678 DE February 27, 2023 CE, 13:22:08 UTC
February 28, 2023 CE, 19:35:45 UTC
2,701st anniversary
Leevotar 17, 9679 DE February 27, 2024 CE, 19:10:53 UTC
February 29, 2024 CE, 01:24:30 UTC
2,702nd anniversary

Sirrus and Achenar's betrayal of their parents (Leevotar 29)[edit]

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After spending some time devastating many of Atrus's Ages and their peoples, Sirrus and Achenar began working on a plan to use Serenia's Memory Chamber to take Atrus's knowledge of the Art. On Leevotar 29, 9461 DE (March 15–16, 1806 CE), the two put part of their plan into action, telling Katran that Atrus had gone to Riven, thus tricking her into returning there with no way back; upon her arrival, she was rescued from Gehn's guard by the Moiety.

Meanwhile, Atrus, aware of the destruction of his Ages, recorded a message to Katran on the imager in Myst Island's fore-chamber, and wrote a letter to her, which he left on Myst. Sirrus and Achenar then told him that Katran had gone to K'veer without a linking book back, causing Atrus to leave for K'veer immediately, not noticing that Sirrus and Achenar had removed a page from his return Linking Book (according to Myst), preventing it from functioning. Realizing that Katran must have gone to Riven, he started to devote his time to trying to keep the Age stable enough for him to be able to rescue her.

Back on Myst Island, the brothers linked to the two Prison Ages that Atrus had wrote to catch anyone destroying his Ages; Sirrus linked to Spire, trapping himself there, while Achenar linked to Haven, trapping himself there.

D'ni date Starts
Leevotar 29, 9675 DE March 13, 2020 CE, 22:39:16 UTC
March 15, 2020 CE, 04:52:53 UTC
214th anniversary
Leevotar 29, 9676 DE March 14, 2021 CE, 04:28:01 UTC
March 15, 2021 CE, 10:41:38 UTC
215th anniversary
Leevotar 29, 9677 DE March 14, 2022 CE, 10:16:47 UTC
March 15, 2022 CE, 16:30:24 UTC
216th anniversary
Leevotar 29, 9678 DE March 14, 2023 CE, 16:05:32 UTC
March 15, 2023 CE, 22:19:09 UTC
217th anniversary
Leevotar 29, 9679 DE March 13, 2024 CE, 21:54:17 UTC
March 15, 2024 CE, 04:07:54 UTC
218th anniversary

First Feast of the Maker (Leenovoo 10)[edit]

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The First Feast of the Maker was the first of the three Feasts of the Maker, celebrated throughout the D'ni hahr. They were feast days dedicated to Yahvo, and were originally celebrated by the Ronay, prior to the D'ni Exodus.

D'ni date Starts
Leenovoo 10, 9675 DE March 26, 2020 CE, 12:55:26 UTC
March 27, 2020 CE, 19:09:03 UTC
Leenovoo 10, 9676 DE March 26, 2021 CE, 18:44:11 UTC
March 28, 2021 CE, 00:57:48 UTC
Leenovoo 10, 9677 DE March 27, 2022 CE, 00:32:57 UTC
March 28, 2022 CE, 06:46:34 UTC
Leenovoo 10, 9678 DE March 27, 2023 CE, 06:21:42 UTC
March 28, 2023 CE, 12:35:19 UTC
Leenovoo 10, 9679 DE March 26, 2024 CE, 12:10:27 UTC
March 27, 2024 CE, 18:24:04 UTC

Day of the Circle (Leenovoo 18)[edit]

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After the D'ni Exodus and founding of the D'ni civilization in 0 DE (7657–7656 BCE), one of Ri'neref's priorities was the foundation of a new 18 Guilds, based on those that had existed in Garternay. The first was the Guild of Writers, founded in 8 DE (7649 BCE), and by the year 100 DE (7557–7556 BCE), all eighteen Guilds had been recreated under Ri'neref's direction. The Guilds were dedicated to Yahvo on the Day of the Circle on Leenovoo 18, 100 DE (April 8–9, 7556 BCE), which was a celebration of the new Guilds' completion and Ri'neref's belief that they were "healthier" than their Ronay equivalents. The new Guilds were "established to please Yahvo and not themselves", contrary to the fierce competitiveness of the Guilds on Garternay.

According to particular stories, the event's name was derived after the eighteen Guild leaders formed a circle in the original Guild Hall.

D'ni date Starts
Leenovoo 18, 9675 DE April 5, 2020 CE, 14:44:22 UTC
April 6, 2020 CE, 20:57:59 UTC
9,575th anniversary
Leenovoo 18, 9676 DE April 5, 2021 CE, 20:33:07 UTC
April 7, 2021 CE, 02:46:44 UTC
9,576th anniversary
Leenovoo 18, 9677 DE April 6, 2022 CE, 02:21:52 UTC
April 7, 2022 CE, 08:35:29 UTC
9,577th anniversary
Leenovoo 18, 9678 DE April 6, 2023 CE, 08:10:38 UTC
April 7, 2023 CE, 14:24:15 UTC
9,578th anniversary
Leenovoo 18, 9679 DE April 5, 2024 CE, 13:59:23 UTC
April 6, 2024 CE, 20:13:00 UTC
9,579th anniversary

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