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Linking Book
Age 233 book.jpg
The Age 233 linking book


Providing a portable way of linking to an Age

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Ronay civilization

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A Linking Book (D'niKorvak, korvahkh) is a type of book used by the D'ni people to travel to Ages previously described using a Descriptive Book. Unlike Descriptive Books, Linking Books were smaller, shorter and easier to write, making them ideal for everyday use. To travel to their destination, one has to place their hand on the book's linking panel, usually found at the top or middle of a right-side page.


  • Touching the book's Linking Panel causes the touching creature to be transported, or linked, to the book's destination.
  • The book cannot be used in its destination Age. The only exception to this rule make the Relto books written by Yeesha.
  • Any objects that come with the touching creature when it moves normally also come with it when it links.
  • The Linking Book will always stay behind. The only exception to this rule make the Relto books written by Yeesha.
  • When harmed to a certain degree the book will cease to function. The destination Age will not be affected.

Writing process[edit]

There are two ways to create a Linking Book. Both require a special blank book (Kor'nea) and a special kind of ink.

  1. The first and most common one involves going to the spot where the book should link to and describing the surroundings in the blank book. After sufficient description the book can be used. If the surroundings of the destination vary too much from the description in the book, it will cease to function.
  2. The second way does not require traveling to the Age itself. Instead, key phrases from an Age's Descriptive Book are copied into the blank book. It will then link to the same spot as the Descriptive Book.

It is unknown when and how the linking panel is created.

Types of Linking Books[edit]

  • Regular Linking Books.
  • Following Books, such as Yeesha's Relto books. They will follow the user.
  • Prison Books. They will trap the user in the "void between ages". These were created by Cyan using artistic license and should not be considered canon.