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Linking is the process of traveling from one Age to another using the powers of the Art. The most common form of linking is by touching the Linking Panel of a Descriptive or Linking Book. Other forms include touching a Bahro Stone's Linking Panel, in a manner similar to using a Linking Book, the Bahro's ability to link to any destination by touching themselves, or the Grower's power to link anybody, anywhere at will.

The linking destination of a linking book or stone never changes. This means that everyone who uses the same linking device will always be linked to the same location. It is however unclear to what extent this fixedness applies - due to most ages consisting of celestial bodies that are in constant movement and rotation, the linking destination must follow the planet's surface in order to be perceived as static. The destination is however not always relative to the surface on which the link was written, in fact certain ages rely on the linking destination not moving relative to the surface, such as Gahreesen's prison cells or the majority of Ahnonay. This behavior does not appear to be consistent either, as the Bahro stone in Teledahn linking to Gahreesen always links to the same prison cell despite the building's rotation. Another inconsistency can be found between Gahreesen and Ahnonay: while using the Journey Cloth marker to link to a cloth in Gahreesen will always link to that cloth, ignoring the building rotation, linking to a Shell Cloth in Ahnonay will link to where the cloth used to be at the time it was touched.

It is also entirely unknown how the destination of a Bahro or Grower link is determined. The most likely possibility would be that it is tied to the linker's thoughts, because it would be impossible to represent the infinite number of ages and possible destinations using physical movement or gestures during linking.