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Laki'ahn in 2005 CE


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"I wish you could see Laki'ahn as I remember it. Anticipation. The calls of the beasts bellowing out over the warm airs and conversations, as we waited for the fires to burn and the battle to begin."

Laki'ahn is an inhabited sport Age written before the Fall of D'ni. It is currently being restored by the Intangibles member Chloe Rhodes.


The main part of the Age is made up of multiple tropical islands covered by large rocks and tropical plants. The D'ni built a huge arena that dominates most of the largest island. A maze connects the Arena to Fighter Beach, where the natives known as the Kresh lived. The Age's Keep can be found on an island known as "the Distant Isle," where treasures used to be stored.

A moon orbits the planet at great speeds and solar eclipses occur frequently.


The Age's waters are inhabited by a species of powerful aquatic creatures known as Laki. Kresh warriors were forced to fight Laki in the Laki'ahn arena.

Small avian creatures known as Piranha Birds can also be found wandering the beaches.



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Laki'ahn was mainly used as a sport Age for the D'ni. The natives, known as the Kresh, would be forced to battle giant sea creatures called Laki in an arena filled with cheering D'ni spectators. Once the beast had been subdued, the Kresh warrior would take the gem from inside of the Laki and place it on a pedestal, which would rise up to where the jewelers would be waiting. The jewelers would then take them to the Trade House where they would auction off the gem. The Kresh fighter would be able to keep the meat of the Laki and take it back to Fighter Beach.

After the Fall of D'ni, the Kresh returned to their homeland, deserting the Arena Island. Later, the Bahro chose this Age as one four Ages containing a Slate, as part of the Quest.



The following section is written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.
  • Laki'ahn was originally planned for Uru, prior to the shutdown of the original Uru Live.



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