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Time of rule

1159–1352 DE (6498–6304 BCE)






King Koreen Notebook


1108–1109 DE (age Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".)


1352 DE (aged 242–244)

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Koreen (D'niKorEn) was the oldest of King Mararon's two sons and the seventh King of D'ni.


Born in 1109 DE (6548–6547 BCE), Koreen was the eldest of King Mararon's two sons.

He was very close to his his younger brother who became a Guild Captain in the Guild of Linguists.

His father died in 1159 DE (6498–6497 BCE), with Koreen taking the throne at the age of 50.

Koreen's reign was during the rise of a group of religious zealots known the Judges of Yahvo. In 1303 DE (6354–6353 BCE), a member of the Guild of Writers went missing. Books and ink began to go missing not to long after. In response to this, Koreen ordered security in the Guilds to be tightened, though the Writer remained missing.

Unbeknownst to the king, members of the Judges of Yahvo who were being lead by Airis were writing illegal Ages to try and find an Age that was inhabited and whose inhabitants would be willing to be their army. They succeed in 1320 DE (6337 BCE) when they wrote the Age of Pento and attacked the Palace in 1323 DE (6334 BCE). As the palace began to be overtaken, Koreen ordered his family to flee. Koreen's wife gave birth to their first son while the boat they were in passed under the King's arch. The child was named Ahlsendar and they managed to escape into another Age.

While his family stayed in the secret Age, Koreen continued to live in the city, even as it grew more and more dangerous. He was assassinated in 1352 DE (6305–6304 BCE) by a group of Pento warriors and the D'ni city was thrown into complete chaos.