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D'ni City location
Kirel in its current condition

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 60,040; Horizontal displacement (spans) 1,036; Vertical displacement (spans) -103

Linking books to location found in

Linking books at location


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Kirel is a neighborhood in D'ni in which the DRC has set up their headquarters. It is very similar to Seret except that it is mirrored and uses a blue color scheme. The neighborhood's auditorium is used by explorers as a venue for the monthly All Guilds Meeting.


It was used by as the DRC's headquarters during the original restoration, which ended in 2004. During that time, access was only allowed to DRC members and it did not appear on the list of neighborhoods in the Nexus.

Phil Henderson had a linking book to Kirel on the bookshelf on his Relto and kept it unlocked for visitors to use. In between the first and second restoration, Explorers could access Kirel using his book.

During the first restoration, the DRC kept several Bahro Stones that lead to various locations throughout the city in Kirel's egg room. The door to the egg room was locked and required a combination(finding in the Spy Room) using the light garden to unlock it.

The DRC returned in 2007 and on July 31st, Kirel was opened to Explorers, though it was now used to showcase the new D'ni Guilds. The doors to the classroom and egg room are also locked and the light garden combination does not work.


The layout of Kirel is identical to any other Neighborhood except that it is mirrored and has a blueish tint rather the the yellow-brown of other hoods. Its lamps use the stylized moth design seen in Seret, as opposed to the Hand Tree design seen in Bevin.

Unlike other hoods, Kirel does not have an Ahyoheek table, nor a telescope to view the cavern. Its book room is mostly empty, containing only a Nexus linking book.