Keta's Imager Message

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This is a recording featuring Keta which can be viewed on the imager in Gehn's bedroom on Age 233.


Note: Parts of this transcript are tentative

.Kenen axU .Sema

.Sora te .naKaneta .tagamem xan botAgan Sem b'fasE


Old Transliteration Standard Revised Transcription Standard New Transliteration Standard

.kehnehn ahtsoo .[shehmah]

.shorah teh .[nahkahnehtah] .tahgahmehm tsahn botaygahn shehm b'fahsee

.kenen ahtsoo .[shemah]

.shorah te .[nahkahnetah] .tahgahmem tsahn boteygahn shem b'fahsee

.kenen acú .[šema]

.šora te .[nakaneta] .tagamem can botégan šem b'fasí


"Is it ready? [???]?

Hi. [???]. You know, I will always love you, to the greatest extent."