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An artist's impression of the mansion on Katha

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Katha is an island in the D'ni cavern, on which is a mansion, constructed by Faresh and owned by him from 5043 DE (2614 BCE) to 5103 DE (2554 BCE).



After Faresh was put in charge of the Guild of Illusionists (and, by extension, the Relyimah) in 5043 DE (2614 BCE), he also began construction on a mansion on Katha, which was said to "blatantly [demonstrate] his love for illusions". By a point shortly after Emen took the throne in 5081 DE (2576 BCE), Faresh's mansion on Katha was "becoming one of the more talked about buildings in the entire cavern", with key members of government attending parties there and rumours abounding of "puzzle rooms" and "secret halls" in the mansion.

However, in 5102 DE (2555 BCE), Faresh's daughter, who also lived in the mansion, awoke in the middle of the night, claiming to see spirits, and jumped from her window to her death. A year later, Faresh left the mansion, saying that he could not live with the memories of his daughter, giving it fully to the Relyimah.


Once the building was owned by the Relyimah, Emen started to visit the mansion, making a number of recommendations for renovations that he thought would aid the Relyimah.

The mansion was presumably used by the Relyimah until they were violently dissolved by Lanaren shortly after he was crowned in 5701 DE (1956 BCE).


The island was discovered by the D'ni Restoration Council, and considered for restoration. The area never left Phase 1 of restoration during the First Restoration. During the Second Restoration, the island and mansion were again considered for restoration, but were suspended on September 30, 2006, along with many other Ages and locations.

The location has attracted the attention of the Intangibles, though it is not currently being restored, and is in Phase 1 of restoration.