Kadish Gallery

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Kadish Gallery
retimelok KADiS
D'ni City location
The Kadish Gallery in its current condition

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 61,071; Horizontal displacement (spans) 73; Vertical displacement (spans) -84

Appears in

The Kadish Gallery (D'niretimelok KADiS, retimelokh Keydish, meaning 'the gallery of Kadish'), designated City Interior 0080 by the DRC, is a store located in the Canyon Mall on Ae'gura. Up until the Fall of D'ni, the gallery was owned by Kadish, a former Guild Master of the Guild of Writers. It houses many pieces of art, some of which were made by non-D'ni artists. Most of the artwork contains clues about the solutions to puzzles in Kadish Tolesa and Ahnonay, Ages written and owned by Kadish.

A cannen can be found on the gallery balcony. Should an explorer have the Music Player Relto Page, turning on the cannen in the gallery will add another piece of music to the cannen in that explorer's Relto.


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