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This article is about the Guild Master in the Guild of Writers. For the Age, see Kadish Tolesa. For the gallery, see Kadish Gallery.
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"The bones of Guild Master Kadish speak louder than words. He clung to the teachings of good King Naygen, who required good citizens to cling to their treasure."

Kadish (D'niKADiS, Keydish) was a D'ni Guild Master of the Guild of Writers who lived during D'ni's final years.


Kadish was a Guild Master of the Guild of Writers until he was dismissed from the Guild for unknown reasons. He owned the Watcher's Pub, a building located in the upper J'taeri district on Ae'gura. At one point, he became convinced that he was the prophesied Grower that the Watcher spoke of in Words. He performed renovations to the pub, creating the Path of the Shell, a puzzle that could be solved using Words.

Words also spoke that the Grower could travel through time. To accomplish this, Kadish wrote the Age of Ahnonay, in which he placed an elaborate machine that, with the help of the Ahnonay Cathedral, managed to convince people that he could travel through time.

Kadish was in charge of the construction of the factory on the Food Age of Er'cana which produced pellets that would feed the algae in the cavern's lake. Words spoke that the Grower would bring light to the cavern, so this fulfilled another of the Watcher's prophesies.

Kadish owned a store in the Canyon Mall which he stored art made by both D'ni and outsiders. The pieces of art were actually clues to solving the puzzles in Kadish Tolesa, an Age he wrote to house a vault that stored all his treasures.

When D'ni fell, Kadish fled to Kadish Tolesa and sealed himself in the vault where he died amidst his wealth. His skeleton can still be found in the vault to this day, along with a letter.