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  • Interfacing with the Nexus
  • Communicating with other KIs
  • Image capturing, storing, and transferring
  • Journal entry writing, storing, and transferring
  • Communicating with the Great Zero in order to calibrate it via the use of Markers, and to relay the KI's coordinates relative to the Age's zero
  • Interfacing with some technology, such as imagers, and the doors in Gahreesen
  • Keeping track of pellet scores
  • Serving as a flashlight

Created by

Guild of Maintainers
(D'ni civilization)

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A KI, pronounced "kee", is a small device that fits around one's wrist, designed by the Guild of Maintainers, which allows its user to accomplish various things. They were starting to be released to the D'ni elite when D'ni fell.

On November 2nd, 2001, one of the prototypes was discovered by DRC member Victor Laxman. It was named the KI due to the D'ni number "3" (3) imprinted on the back. Its original D'ni name is not known.

All KIs interface with the Lattice, which serves as an inter-Age mainframe that KIs remain connected to at all times. The Lattice allows for inter-KI communication between Ages.