Jungle Island

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Jungle Island
The village in Riven's final days




Home of the Rivenese

Appears in

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Jungle Island was the largest of the five islands that made up the Age of Riven during its later years. It was the only island (besides the temple on Temple Island) that Gehn allowed the villagers access since their village was located there, though even then, some parts were restricted to Gehn's elite. It was connected to Survey Island and Temple Island with Mag-Levs and Book Assembly Island via mine cart.

The island had two Mag-lev depots, one leading to Temple Island and the other Survey Island. A large lake dominated the center of the island. Through it lead the rails for the Submersible Train connecting the village on one side of the lake with a schoolhouse, the docking control center, and the Wahrk Gallows on the other side. 

Other points of interest included the Wahrk Totem, the Sunners' Lagoon, and the Moiety Gateway, a small room where the Moiety kept their linking book to Tay.

The jungle that the island got its name from.