Judges of Yahvo

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The Judges of Yahvo (D'niregolantantEok yavo, regolahntahnteeokh Yahvo) were a religious sect in that was at large during the reign of King Koreen around 1303 DE (6354–6353 BCE). They were led by Airis and were responsible for the Pento War.

Their first known act was in 1303 DE (6354–6353 BCE) when a member of the Guild of Writers stole Kortee'nea and ink for the judges so that they could write an Age whose inhabitants would be willing to serve as their army. They succeeded seventeen years later in 1320 DE (6337–6336 BCE), when they wrote a link to the Age Pento.

On Leevot 12, 1323 DE (September 30 – October 1, 6334 BCE), they attacked the Palace, forcing Koreen and his family to flee. Koreen remained in the city while his wife fled. She gave birth to their son, Ahlsendar while passing under the Kings' Arch. In 1352 DE (6305–6304 BCE), they assassinated Koreen, declaring themselves the rightful rulers of D'ni.