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J'nanin in 9471 DE


Lesson Age

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Saavedro (1795 CE - 1815 CE)

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Parts of Saavedro's Journal (until 9471 DE)

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Myst III: Exile

J'nanin is a Lesson Age written by Atrus to serve as a hub between Edanna, Voltaic, Amateria, and Narayan. The Age has not been used in almost two hundred years, and is abandoned.


J'nanin was originally written as hub for Sirrus and Achenar's lesson ages. After their studies concluded, the Age was abandoned temporally.

Sirrus and Achenar returned five years to visit Narayan which they ransacked. On their way home to Myst, the brothers came to J'nanin where the Narayani Saavedro confronted them and pleaded for them to fix what they had destroyed. His begging was met by laughter and they tied him to a post and dropped their Myst books into the fire as they linked away.

Saavedro was then trapped in the five lesson ages. Unable to leave, he ate the plants in Edanna to survive. He was able to get past the first shield in Narayan, but was unable to solve the second, thus he thought that his people had died.

The J'nanin descriptive book was one of the few that Sirrus and Achenar did not burn, though its Place of Protection remains unknown.

In 9471 DE, Atrus returned to J'nanin after completing Releeshahn. However, he was soon overwhelmed with grief as J'nanin reminded him about his sons. He linked back to Tomahna, leaving a book behind that Saavedro used to follow him.


The main part of J'nanin is a solitary island amidst an endless ocean. The island is almost circular with large rocky outcroppings along the edges, and a small lake inside a deep caldera. The island is barren, with little sign of life except around the Edanna tusk.

J'nanin primary duty was to house the linking books for all four lesson ages. They each each kept in individual buildings which appear in the shape of a tusk. The main tusk, which is also the largest, is at the center of the island and holds the Narayan linking book. This tusk also contains three telescopes used for gaining access codes for the other linking books, and a device which shows recorded holographic messages from Atrus instructing his sons, (although most of them were later overwritten by Saavedro).



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