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The following article is written from an In-Cavern (IC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered real.

An instance is a unique type of Age which has an appearance that is identical to that of another specific Age. Ages of this type are typically linked to with the help of Yeesha or the Bahro; for example, Relto has one instance for every Relto book, and most Ages and areas released to explorers, including Earth itself, have at least some instances, often linked to using Bahro Stones. KIs appear to be incapable of distinguishing between instances of an Age and the Age itself.

The earliest known attempt by Yeesha at writing an instance is the Kadish Tolesa alternate vault, located in a pseudo-instance of Kadish Tolesa. The Age that the alternate vault is located in is visibly different from the original in some aspects, though still mostly resembles the "prime" Kadish Tolesa. Since this original attempt, Yeesha evidently improved upon her techniques and abilities, at some point instancing Relto, her first Age. Instancing is not known to have been used by the D'ni or Ronay, and it is likely through Yeesha's disregard of their rules, and perhaps also through her contact with the Bahro, that she was able to succeed in instancing Ages.


The following section is written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

From an OOC perspective, an instance is simply a copy of an Age or area that contains only a specific subset of players (and a specific state, for puzzles and similar). They are Uru Live's implementation of the instance concept found in many massively multiplayer online games.


There are several types of instances in Uru Live:

  • A global instance is an instance of an Age or location that any explorer can access, regardless of who they are. For example, Ae'gura (as linked to from the Nexus) is a global instance, as any player can access it at any time without invitation from another player. Other global instances include the Watcher's Pub, Kirel, and the Guild Pubs.
  • Neighborhood instances are assigned based upon the specific neighborhood that a player is a member of (or that a linking book is located in). Neighborhood instances are accessed when a player links to an Age via a Linking Book located within a neighborhood, or via most (though not all) Bahro Stones. Eder Tsogal and Eder Delin only have neighborhood instances, as they were conceived as community areas. Ae'gura also has an instance for each neighborhood.
  • Personal instances are instances that are unique to an individual avatar, though that can be shared with other avatars using either the KI and Nexus invite system or by simply allowing them to use your linking book. This includes Relto, as well as most of the Ages that have books on the Relto bookshelf.
  • Private instances are similar to personal instances, though they cannot be shared with any other explorers. This includes Ages and areas such as the Nexus, the Cleft, and the wedge Bahro Caves.



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