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The DRC's informational sheet on the D'ni timekeeping system, as found in neighborhoods with a clock.

The D'ni used a system of time measurement units that differs greatly from the one used on the surface. The smallest unit of D'ni time unit is called a prorahn (D'niproran), and the largest is the hahr (D'nihar), which can be considered roughly equivalent to the surface second and year, respectively. There are also a number of intermediate units, which are usually equal to 5 or 25 of the next lower unit, akin to the base-25 D'ni number system.


Name Next lower unit Rough surface equivalent Notes
prorahn None known 1.4 seconds Smallest known D'ni time unit.
gorahn 25 prorahntee 35 seconds
tahvo 25 gorahntee 14 minutes, 31 seconds
pahrtahvo 5 tahvotee 1 hour, 12.5 minutes Commonly used on D'ni clocks.
gahrtahvo 5 pahrtahvotee 6 hours, 3.7 minutes
yahr 5 gahrtahvotee 30 hours, 13.6 minutes D'ni equivalent of a day; equivalent to one day/night cycle on Garternay, and to one day/night cycle of the algae in the D'ni lake.
vailee 29 yahrtee 36 days, 12.6 hours D'ni equivalent of a month. Each of the 10 vaileetee has a name, similar to surface months.
hahr 10 vaileetee 1 year D'ni equivalent of a year. Largest formal D'ni time unit.
hahrtee fahrah 625 hahrtee 625 years D'ni equivalent of a century. Largest known D'ni time unit. Name literally translates to "625 hahrtee" (100).
Detailed table
Name Split into Precise surface
Precise surface equivalent
(s, to 11 s.f.)
RTS D'ni
prorahn proran 1.3929 s 1.3928573888 seconds
gorahn goran 25 prorahntee 34.821 s 34.821434721 seconds
tahvo tavo 25 gorahntee 14 m, 30.536 s 870.53586803 seconds
pahrtahvo partavo 5 tahvotee 1 h, 12 m, 32.68 s 4.3526793401 × 103 seconds
gahrtahvo gartavo 5 pahrtahvotee 6 h, 3 m, 43.40 s 2.1763396701 × 104 seconds
yahr yar 5 gahrtahvotee 30 h, 13 m, 36.98 s 1.0881698350 × 105 seconds
vaylee vIlE 29 yahrtee 36 d, 12 h, 34 m, 52.516 s 3.1556925216 × 106 seconds
hahr har 10 vayleetee 365 d, 5 h, 48 m, 45.216 s 3.1556925216 × 107 seconds
hahrtee fahrah hartE fara 625 hahrtee 624 a, 360 d, 8 h, 51 m 1.9723078260 × 1010 seconds


Similar to the twelve surface months, the ten D'ni vaileetee have names, each starting with the letters "Lee":

  1. Leefo (lEfo)
  2. Leebro (lEbro)
  3. Leesahn (lEsan)
  4. Leetar (lEtår)
  5. Leevot (lEvot)
  6. Leevofo (lEvofo)
  7. Leevobro (lEvobro)
  8. Leevosahn (lEvosan)
  9. Leevotar (lEvotår)
  10. Leenovoo (lEnovU)

The name parts after the "Lee" seem to be derived from the respective vailee's D'ni number - e.g. -fo ≈ fah (one), -bro ≈ bree (two), -sahn ≈ sehn (three), etc.

Surface-D'ni date conversion[edit]

The following section is written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

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Notes: Needs serious expansion/updating (also, RAWA didn't take into account leap seconds at all when calculating the New Year dates, so they need to be corrected)

The exact length of a D'ni hahr was confirmed in a mailing list post by RAWA in 1997, which indicated 1 hahr to be equivalent to 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45.2 seconds. While this provided a means of exact conversion of timespans, it was not yet clear which surface year corresponded to which D'ni hahr. This information was later revealed on the old DRC site in April 2002, where it was stated that the D'ni New Year in 2002 AD marked the beginning of the D'ni hahr 9658. Combined with the previous information, along with the fact that there was a leap second at the end of 1998 that RAWA could not have accounted for, this results in the following dates for the D'ni New Year events from 1998 to 2003:

Hahr Year Date Time (UTC)
9654 1998 April 21st 09:35:17
9655 1999 April 21st 15:24:02
9656 2000 April 20th 21:12:47
9657 2001 April 21st 03:01:32
9658 2002 April 21st 08:50:17
9659 2003 April 21st 14:39:02

In October 2007, RAWA revealed, in an email sent to RIUM+, the exact length of a hahr – 31556925.216 seconds, or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45.216 seconds, which was the mean length of a tropical year on Earth in 1995 CE – along with the D'ni-Gregorian epoch at which the D'ni time and UTC time match up exactly – April 21, 1991 CE at 16:54:00 UTC, which corresponds exactly to Leefo 1, 9647 DE at 0:0:0:00:00 DT. This particular Gregorian date and time were chosen to match the creation timestamp of the Myst HyperCard Stack (1991-04-21 at 9:54 AM PDT).

BE and DE[edit]

BE (Before Earth) and DE (D'ni Era) are terms used by the D'ni Restoration Council in their documents to distinguish between dates prior to the D'ni Exodus and after it, as well as to distinguish D'ni hahrtee from surface years. The terms are comparable in some ways to 'BCE' and 'CE', or 'BC' and 'AD', though with a different epoch, and different time units. When the Ronay who followed Ri'neref arrived in D'ni, becoming the D'ni civilization, they marked the event with a blank hahr, starting at Leefo 1, 0 DE (April 24–25, 7657 BCE). 'BE' has been used by the DRC when referring to years before the exodus, counting backwards from 1 BE (7658–7657 BCE).

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