Guild of Writers

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Guild of Writers
The seal of the modern Guild of Writers


Writing new Ages

Guild colors

 Black with dark red trim

Guild Ages

None known


Leevot 9, 8 DE (September 27–28, 7649 BCE)

Writings about


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This article is about the D'ni Guild. For the Ronay Guild, see Guild of Writers (Garternay).
"The members of the Guild of Writers were the only individuals who were recognized by the D'ni society as being qualified to write Descriptive Books. It was the Writer's Guild that wrote all official Ages for private enterprise, the government, and any other Guild that required Ages."

The Guild of Writers (D'nitelokseltantE, telokhseltahntee, shortened to telsel, telsel) was one of the eighteen Major D'ni Guilds, whose primary duty was to write new Ages. It was the first Guild to be founded on D'ni, by Ri'neref on Leevot 9, 8 DE (September 27–28, 7649 BCE), eight years after the D'ni Exodus. When joining the Guild, one must first recite an oath that was written by Ri'neref and Ailesh, the first Grand Master of the Guild of Writers.

Known members[edit]

Upcoming anniversaries of the Guild's formation[edit]

D'ni date Starts
Leevot 9, 9675 DE September 24, 2019 CE, 15:47:27 UTC
September 25, 2019 CE, 22:01:04 UTC
9,666th anniversary
Leevot 9, 9676 DE September 23, 2020 CE, 21:36:12 UTC
September 25, 2020 CE, 03:49:49 UTC
9,667th anniversary
Leevot 9, 9677 DE September 24, 2021 CE, 03:24:57 UTC
September 25, 2021 CE, 09:38:34 UTC
9,668th anniversary
Leevot 9, 9678 DE September 24, 2022 CE, 09:13:42 UTC
September 25, 2022 CE, 15:27:19 UTC
9,669th anniversary
Leevot 9, 9679 DE September 24, 2023 CE, 15:02:27 UTC
September 25, 2023 CE, 21:16:04 UTC
9,670th anniversary