Guild of Maintainers

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Guild of Maintainers
The seal of the Guild of Maintainers, as it can be seen on the Maintainers' Marks placed in various ages.


  • Maintaining law and order
  • Surveying all new Ages for dangerous or illicit content, and placing a Maintainers' Mark in approved Ages
  • Distributing KIs, and maintaining the Nexus and Lattice systems

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"The Maintainers were the police for anything that dealt with the writing of or the use of Books. A Book could not be used before approval from the Maintainers. No one considered a link safe until it had received Maintainer approval."

The Guild of Maintainers (D'nitelokbErEtantE, telokhbeereetahntee, shortened to telbErE, telbeeree) was one of the most important of the eighteen major D'ni Guilds. They were in charge of maintaining law and order, as well as making sure that new Ages do not break any of the rules of writing. After an Age was successfully surveyed and approved by the Maintainers, a mark with the guild's seal on it was placed somewhere in the Age.

The Maintainers were also responsible for the development of the KI, which was released to the more general public shortly before the Fall of D'ni, along with the Nexus. Distribution of the KIs was handled in the small fortress in Gahreesen - after going through the usual security procedures, people were directed to a KI dispenser to obtain the device, and were afterwards ordered to link to the Nexus and return to the city.

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