Guild of Greeters

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Guild of Greeters


Helping and teaching new explorers

Guild colors

 Green with Cyan trim



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The Guild of Greeters DRC note


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Uru Live

The Guild of Greeters (D'nitelokxUnUtantE, telokhtsoonootahntee, shortened to telxUnU, teltsoonoo), or GoG, is one of the five Modern Guilds that were established by the DRC in 2007 CE, and is the only one that was not originally a D'ni guild. Their duty is to help new explorers to cavern. Despite the fact that it was not officially endorsed by the DRC until 2007, the Guild itself was formed in 2003 CE by authorised explorers.

Explorers who wear or have in their Relto the Guild of Greeters supporter T-shirt found in Kirel can visit the Greeters' Pub. Actual members of the guild also have access to an exclusive shirt with the guild's logo on it.

The guild also has a website.