Guild of Cartographers

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Guild of Cartographers
The 'Great Seal' of the modern Guild of Cartographers


Creating and maintaining maps of all new Ages

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"Cartographers were expected to initially map new Ages as well as maintain those maps on a consistent basis."
—The DRCUru

The Guild of Cartographers (D'nitelokbaxentantE, telokhbahtsentahntee, shortened to telbaxen, telbahtsen) was one of the eighteen major D'ni Guilds just before the Fall of D'ni. Their main purpose was to map new Ages written by the Guild of Writers. Senior members of the Guild worked with Guild Master Geran of the Guild of Surveyors during the planning the Great Shaft.

Modern Guild[edit]

The guild is also one of the five Modern Guilds that the DRC established in 2007 CE. They create maps of various ages accessible to explorers, most of which can be found on their website.