Guild of Book Makers

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Guild of Book Makers


Creating Kortee'nea for the Guild of Writers

Guild color

 Pale cream

Guild Ages

None known



Writings about

Gehn's First Journal (mentioned)

Appears in

The Guild of Book Makers was one of the eighteen major D'ni Guilds prior to the Fall of D'ni. The Guild was mainly responsible for creating the Kortee'nea (blank books) which would be used by the Guild of Writers to write Ages. The members of the Guild held the secret to the creation of the paper. Gehn was apprenticed to the guild when he was four and was a member of the Guild until D'ni's fall.

Known Members[edit]

On Riven[edit]

The Guild of Book Makers was also one of the five Rivenese Guilds that Gehn created on the Age of Riven. The Guild's task was to make Books on Book Assembly Island.