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Guild Pub
D'ni City location
The Cartographers' Pub, one of the five Guild Pubs

KI coordinates

different for each pub

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Uru Live

The Guild Pubs are small buildings located in the D'ni City Proper that are similar in design to the Watcher's Pub. There are five in total, one for each of the restored Guilds, which are all almost identical, except that they are painted in their specific Guild colors and have their specific Guild logo on the walls. They were opened to explorers by the DRC on September 9, 2007.

Access to a Guild Pub is achieved via the Nexus, although the explorer must have the Guild's specific shirt from Kirel in their Relto closet. An explorer cannot have more than one Guild Shirt, meaning that only one Guild Pub can be accessed from the Nexus at one time. This is to prevent explorers from just taking all shirts, so they have to make a decision on which Guild to support. The choice of a Guild Shirt does not have any effect on the explorer's main journey.

Guild Pubs[edit]