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Guild Hall
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The Guild Hall is a large structure built on Ae'gura which was the headquarters of the D'ni Council before the Fall of D'ni.


In 2500 DE (5157–5156 BCE), King Naygen proposed the construction of a council chamber, to be built directly over the Tomb of the Great King, despite some controversy.

In 6970 DE (687–686 BCE), during the reign of King Kerath, he ordered the construction of a new Guild Hall, in the same location, to replace the old council chamber, further burying the Tomb of the Great King.

The Guild Hall was severely damaged during the Fall of D'ni, and restoration work on it has never progressed particularly far.

On December 26, 2003 CE, part of the Guild Hall collapsed while Phil Henderson was located there, and he was thought to have been killed as a result, though this was later discovered to not be the case.