Great Tree (Riven)

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Great Tree
The remains of the Great Tree in
9462 DE (1807 CE)


Prison Island, Riven

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"[The Tree] seemed to rest on a peninsula of rock, its roots like the pillars of some huge stone temple, reaching down the cliff face to pierce the rocky beach, great humps of root, like the slick backs of a dozen massive sea serpents, stretching out into the ocean.

Its trunk, likewise, was monumental. It was not by any means as tall as Atrus had imagined, yet the sheer breadth of it was enough to make him feel not simply small in its presence but insignificant."

The Great Tree was a massive tree that grew on the northeast corner of Riven. When the one original island split into pieces, the tree (or at least its remains) drifted away on the smallest of Riven's five main islands. Because of the terrific rate at which this island drifted away from the others, by 9462 DE (1807 CE), it could only be accessed via a Linking Book in Age 233.


The Great Tree was living as of 9429 DE, and was the primary feature of Riven that drew Atrus to visit the Age after he was trapped in K'veer by his father. Shortly before his arrival, a large split had formed in the tree, a result of Riven's increasing instability. During the cataclysmic events that Katran wrote into the Age to disrupt her wedding to Gehn and cover her escape with Atrus, the Great Tree's branches burst into flame after being struck by lightning.

By the time the Stranger visited Riven, only the stump of the Great Tree remained, the trunk having long since been cut down by Gehn. On the stump was Katran's prison, which had originally been built as a private study for Gehn before the completion of his office on Age 233.