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This article is about the three-mile-long vertical tube that serves as a part of the tunnels connecting D'ni and the surface. For the series of tunnels of which the Great Shaft is a part, see Descent.
Great Shaft
One of the two elevators in the Great Shaft in 2005 CE




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The Great Shaft, sometimes referred to as Rehgahro Tiwah (regaro tiwa, literally "The Great Shaft") or D'ni-Tiwah (D'nE-tiwa), is a large three mile long vertical tube that the D'ni built as part of the roughly 32-mile long tunnel to the surface, commonly referred to as Descent, which the D'ni were going to use to make contact with the surface dwellers. Designed by Geran and Garten, Guild Masters of the Guild of Surveyors, it required the four greatest D'ni digging machines and a few months to complete.

A small pathway circles around it leading from the top to the bottom, and once enough of the internal bracing was added, two elevators were installed to make the journey shorter. Small rest areas known as Eder Tomahntee were carved into the rock surrounding the shaft at different points in the journey.

It, along with parts of the main tunnels to the surface, is being restored by the explorers Chloe Rhodes and Whilyam.