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Ahlsendar as depicted in a painting by Fahlee

Time of rule

1376–1502 DE (6281–6155 BCE)






King Ahlsendar Notebook


Leevot 12, 1323 DE (age Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".)
Arch of Kings, D'ni


circa 1502 DE (aged 178–179)
Temple of the Great King, D'ni

Appears in

Ahlsendar (D'nialsenDar, Ahlsendahr), thought by many to be the prophesied Great King, was the only son of Koreen and the eighth King of D'ni, reigning from 1376 DE (6281–6280 BCE) to 1502 DE (6155 BCE).


Early life[edit]

Ahlsendar was born on Leevot 12, 1323 DE (September 30 – October 1, 6334 BCE) underneath the King's Arch as his mother's boat fled the city during the beginning of the Pento War. He lived on a private Age for most of his early life. When he was 29, his uncle visited the Age to inform Ahlsendar that his father had been assassinated. Instead of returning to the city immediately, he remained on the Age as his uncle, who was a member of the Guild of Linguists, learned more about the Pento and their language. A few weeks later reports came to Ahlsendar that the Judges of Yahvo had killed the leader of the Pento which had lead to a civil war within the tribe.

Return to D'ni[edit]

With the Judges' forces spread thin, Ahlsendar at last returned to the city, sailing under the Arch of Kings, fulfilling a prophecy. He retook the Palace and began negotiations with Mekarr, one of the two faction leaders. After Ahlsendar promised to write them a new Age, Mekarr's faction joined with Ahlsendar and in 1376 DE (6281–6280 BCE), the Battle of the Great King was fought. In the battle, Mekarr's brother Timaue who had lead the opposing faction was killed and the war at last came to a close. In the aftermath, the remaining five Judges of Yahvo were sent to Prison Ages and Ahlsendar was crowned the next King of D'ni.


During his reign, Ahlsendar wrote several books of prophecies, and encouraged his people to forget Garternay and to instead remember on why their ancestors came to D'ni. He brought them back to the attitude their ancestors had maintained during the reign of the first King, Ri'neref. Despite his efforts to please Yahvo, he did not show any respect for Nemiya, his prophetess advisor, considering her advice childish and foolish. She was rarely seen in public with the King, and, although he did have the choice, he did not consult with other prophets.

Throughout Ahlsendar's life, several people claimed that he did not require Linking Books to link, though these claims were never proven. Around this time, Ahlsendar began to work with the Guild of Writers and the Guild of Healers to develop a plague in case action of that sort was necessary in the future.

In 1466 DE (6191–6190 BCE), Mekarr returned to D'ni using a book that was given to him previously by the Judges of Yahvo. Sneaking into the palace, he killed Ahlsendar's wife and two sons. In an "astounding battle", Ahlsendar killed Mekarr. However, this was not enough for the great King, and two days later he ordered the release of the plague onto the new Pento. Within three days, the entire civilization was dead. However, several infected fled to other Ages before they died, spreading the plaque to other Ages.

The D'ni, who had no knowledge of their King's involvement, blamed the Pento for the plague. They gathered all the books that the Pento had access to and destroyed them.

It was in 1500 DE (6157–6156 BCE) that Ahlsendar revealed the truth about the plague and his involvement. Around a year later, on Leefo 23, 1502 DE (May 21–23, 6155 BCE), Ahlsendar sealed himself in the Temple of the Great King with all of the books that led to infected Ages as well as ones that made the D'ni remember their past.

Ahlsendar choose Solath, the son of the current Grand Master of the Guild of Writers to be his heir, and he took the throne while the D'ni awaited the return of the Great King.

After six vaileetee, Ahlsendar had not returned, and Solath was made the next King of D'ni. In 1502 DE (6155–6154 BCE), Solath ordered the Temple of the Great King to be renamed the Tomb of the Great King.