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Gehn's Second Speech (returning with the Book)

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This is a speech spoken by Gehn when the Stranger links to Age 233 with the trap book, if they had not recovered it before first linking to the Age.


"Well done.

I was greatly relieved when I received word that you had recovered the book. I don't quite know how you managed it, but...

If I may?

Thank you.

Perhaps it would be best if you went through first."

(If the Stranger does not enter the book, Gehn continues:)

"Apparently you need more time to decide.

Please understand there is nothing I want more than the chance to resolve matters between Atrus and myself. Especially in light of what has become of Catherine. But unless you are willing to demonstrate to me that your intentions are honorable, I cannot risk it.

The sanctuary I've been writing for the islanders is nearly complete. After all these years, it would be a shame if I were unable to finish it.

The work I am doing is quite demanding. Please don't signal me unless you've decided to use the book. The switch will reset itself once you link from here."