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The following article is written from an In-Cavern (IC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered real.

In October 1997, three pages, seemingly torn out of one of Gehn's journals, written shortly after the completion of his office on Age 233, were discovered by Dr. Richard Watson during a routine trip to D'ni, a full page of which, along with partial translations of the other two pages, was included in the booklet that came with Riven: The Soundtrack.

Page one[edit]


An image of this page was included in the booklet for Riven: The Soundtrack, untranslated.


.lOmat leKenEt dAnOtE para
treSEga reenDAtantE
[sic] leSufAEt
UlbaO fesev 98 .KoDobEra retEju
Kag .ril lEam leKenen hUsatA
b'fasE ok een
[sic] ok miStatavO met
fam gåta cileS brevog woxa ok
r'aca te a sev mot

.kO regeDE Kåt KolKenen remUSE
greUnan ceto ok rezEwA ril
boDolpApEl .KoKenen revog
miro ok revIDu mot KopUgoen
b'Ken erT nuDatav b'riS be erT
tEju tEgal Kera

.vola tesot prin faex tEgtantE
KoDotEgEt rilte rearEutav xarU
[sic] KonExavAEt tånuT
iglarno temo KoKElaEt Kåt erT
gartavotE ka treaca .brE pam
sen KotånuEt xanoS trefado

.reyEpA KolånEt te gormot
tetemo Kojagaen arEutav fUru
lOmat relUpatE mot KomarentEt
kapo KoKenEt peKA b'riS be motE


Old Transliteration Standard Revised Transcription Standard New Transliteration Standard

.loymaht lehkehneet dhainoytee pahrah
trehsheegah rehehndaitahntee lehshuhfaieet
oolbahoy fehsehv [9|8] .kodobeerah rehteejuh
kahg .rihl leeahm lehkehnehn hoosahtai
b'fahsee okh [ee]n okh mihshtahtahvoy meht
fahm gatah chihlehsh brehvog wotsah okh
r'ahchah teh ah sehv mot

.khoy rehgehdee kat kolkehnehn rehmooshee
grehoonahn chehto okh rehzeewai rihl
bodolpaipeel .kokehnehn rehvog
mihro okh rehvíduh mot kopoogoehn
b'kehn ehrth nuhdahtahv b'rihsh beh ehrth
teejuh teegahl kehrah

.volah tehsot prihn fahehts teegtahntee
kodoteegeet rihlteh rehahreeuhtahv tsahroo
tseemahahl koneetsahvaieet tanuhth
ihglahrno tehmo kokeelaheet kat ehrth
gahrtahvotee khah trehahchah .bree pahm
sehn kotanuheet tsahnosh trehfahdho

.rehyeepai kolaneet meh gormot
tehtehmo kojahgahehn ahreeuhtahv fooruh
loymaht rehloopahtee mot komahrehnteet
khahpo kokehneet pehkai b'rish beh motee

.loymaht lekeneet dheynoytee pahrah
tresheegah reëndeytahntee leshufeieet
oolbahoy fesev [9|8] .kodobeerah reteeju
kahg .ril leeahm lekenen hoosahtey
b'fahsee okh [ee]n okh mishtahtahvoy met
fahm gatah chilesh brevog wotsah okh
r'ahchah te ah sev mot

.khoy regedee kat kolkenen remooshee
greoonahn cheto okh rezeewey ril
bodolpeypeel .kokenen revog
miro okh revaydu mot kopoogoen
b'ken erth nudahtahv b'rish be erth
teeju teegahl kerah

.volah tesot prin fahets teegtahntee
kodoteegeet rilte reahreeutahv tsahroo
tseemahahl koneechahveieet tahnuth
iglahrno temo kokeelaheet kat erth
gahrtahvotee khah treahchah .bree pahm
sen kotanueet chahnosh trefahdho

.reyeepey kolaneet me gormot
tetemo kojahgahen ahreeutahv fooru
loymaht reloopahtee mot komahrenteet
khahpo kokeneet pekey b'rish be motee

.lómat lekenít ðénótí para
trešíga reendétantí leśuféít
úlbaó fesev [9|8] .kodobíra retíju
kag .ril líam lekenen húsaté
b'fasí ox [í]n ox miśtatavó met
fam gæta çileś brevog woca ox
r'aça te a sev mot

.xó regedí kæt kolkenen remúśí
greúnan çeto ox rezíwé ril
bodolpépíl .kokenen revog
miro ox revádu mot kopúgoen
b'ken erþ nudatav b'riś be erþ
tíju tígal kera

.vola tesot prin faec tígtantí
kodotígít rilte rearíutav carú
címaal konícavéít tænuþ
iglarno temo kokílaít kæt erþ
gartavotí xa treaça .brí pam
sen kotænuít canoś trefaðo

.reyípé kolænít me gormot
tetemo kojagaen aríutav fúru
lómat relúpatí mot komarentít
xapo kokenít peké b'riś be motí


Though there have been large setbacks in the [way], the Builders have finished my office on Age 233. I was keeping the original [team]. No [???] has been entirely [???] of any of my construction this far, due mainly to the harsh nature of the [???] in that Age.

[If] the [???] had only been the [???] and the [???] [leadership (?)] of the [???], I would not have been [???]. It was the toxic nature of the [???] that [???]ed to be almost a [???] to a brave working [team].

Yes, our first small group of workers, working without the [???] necessary protection, suffered temporary [???]ness [???] they just [???] a few gahrtahvotee in the [???]. Two or three were [???] permanently by the experience.

The eyeglasses they [???] from that time [???] [???]ed sufficient protection, though the [???] that they followed perhaps were very [???] to those.

Transcripts of the other fragments[edit]

Fragment 1[edit]

The desk is perfect, as if my own memory has become tangible. I can almost see my father, absorbed in his writing, bent over the meticulously placed Elements. There is the pen, instrument of creation. The ink, lifeblood of another age. And the blank page.

This will be a place of great inspiration.

Fragment 2[edit]

Though I have never considered myself a very talented musician, I have never ceased to derive great strength and inspiration when performing the Maral-obe. In an attempt to preserve some of my own performances, I recently set about recreating the Cannen.

The technology was fairly simple; a version was working within a few days. I am only sorry that I did not do it earlier; this crude Cannen has already provided me with very practical benefits; a certain meditative clearness seems to descend on me while smoking and listening to the Cannen. Immediately following this meditation, my writing becomes much more fluid and effortless.

Fragment 3[edit]

It's ironic that one of the only authentic pieces of D'ni craftsmanship still in my possession is the watch that was given to me by my mother: a timepiece tainted by the fact that it displays surface time alongside D'ni time – a physical reminder of the impurity of my mother's blood.

But though the watch retains this flaw, it is completely D'ni in every other respect, especially in terms of the etched continents of what I believe to be Garternay: birthplace of the Art.