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This article is about the father of Atrus and the son of Aitrus. For the grandfather of Aitrus, see Gehn (Senior).
Gehn is happy.jpg
Gehn on Age 233 in 9462 DE (1807 CE)


Trapped in a Prison Book; status unknown

Home Age

D'ni (born on Ko'ah)


1/2 D'ni, 1/2 Human



Played by

John Keston


Appears in

"I am Gehn. I assume you've heard of me. Yes, well, I suspect you have acquired some false information of who I am now."

Gehn (D'nigen, Gen) is the son of Ti'ana and Aitrus and the father of Atrus.


Please note that this section is largely incomplete.

Early Life[edit]

Gehn was born on Ko'ah, as the first half human, half D'ni child. He was named after his great grandfather, whom his father Aitrus looked up to. As an infant, he was often gravely ill, and almost died. Members of the Guild of Healers declared he was better off dead, but his mother Ti'ana refused that as an answer. By the time he was four, he had recovered fully from his sickness was accepted into the Guild of Book Makers. When D'ni fell, Gehn, along with Ti'ana and Tasera, his grandmother, fled to Gemedet, one of the few ages that was not contaminated with the disease. After Tasera's death a few days later, Aitrus, Ti'ana and Gehn returned to D'ni. However, while Aitrus was investigating the sounds of screams, A'gaeris, one of the men responsible for D'ni's fall, kidnapped Gehn and Ti'ana, taking them to K'veer. Upon arriving, they found the Aitrus had gotten there beforehand and tricked A'gaeris into linking into an unstable age, sacrificing himself so that Ti'ana and Gehn could reach the surface. After a few days journey, Ti'ana and Gehn arrived at the surface and began a new life in the Cleft.

By the time Gehn was fourteen, he was fed up with the Cleft and ran away from home. During the next five years Gehn met the Amad tribe. He fell in love with and married one of their members Leira, whom Gehn renamed Keta. However, during pregnancy, Keta fell gravely ill and with no where else to turn, Gehn returned to the cleft to seek his mother's assistance. Although Ti'ana did everything she could, they had come too late. Keta died during childbirth and Gehn buried her in the Cleft. Gehn then stormed off to D'ni, leaving the newborn child with Anna, not even bothering to name him.

Establishing his home in K'veer, Gehn taught himself the Art using Linking books he found as guidance. He wrote numerous Ages, though with this power, he made the misconception that he was actually creating the Ages he wrote instead of writing a link to an already existing Age. Because of this, he thought himself god over the inhabitants of the Ages.


In 1769 CE, Gehn returned to the cleft where he met his teenage son Atrus. Gehn brought him with him back to D'ni, promising to return him to Ti'ana six months later. However, Gehn did not keep his word and insisted that Atrus stay and help him rebuild D'ni.


Bluebook1.jpg This section contains information that is not entirely canon to the Myst storyline.

When the Stranger came to Age 233, Gehn welcomed them and tried to convince the Stranger that he had changed. After inspecting the linking book the Stranger had brought, he asked the Stranger to go through first. Since it was a one-man prison, the Stranger linked in and then when Gehn linked in after them, the Stranger was set free, but Gehn was forever trapped. His fate is unknown, although he most likely remained trapped in the book and died there.


Gehn's self-taught method of the Art was by learning how individual passages and sentences created the desired effect. Thus, his "Writing" consisted of adapting parts written in other books for his own purposes, rather than writing his own original passages. This disjoined Writing was able to link to Ages, but even if that Age had existed for a long time, Gehn's work was inherently flawed, and the Ages inevitably doomed to collapse; it was only a matter of time.

Even taking his Writing into account, Gehn, while capable of scientific endeavors and invention, was a man lacking in artistic skill or imagination. He saw and used the Art as power that was his to wield by genetic right. He never bothered to actually name any of the Ages he wrote, only numbering them, and if he came across a D'ni puzzle lock in his way that was made from delicate materials, he preferred to smash his way through rather than figure it out. Had the D'ni civilization not fallen, he would have been a book maker creating kortee'nea, and never allowed to Write anything.

While Gehn was able to teach his son invaluable basic knowledge about the Art and linking to Ages safely, Atrus possessed the talent for Writing that Gehn did not, and would far surpass his father.