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First Recording in J'nanin

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"My sons, I promised to teach you the secrets of my ages. This world is the first step on your journey. Search the island and you'll find three linking books. Each connects to an age in which you must...." - Atrus

"Hello Atrus. Been a long time. Sorry I'm not there to greet you in person but I just didn't think it would be wise, considering how long I've been stuck here. Trapped in these lesson ages by two very greedy little boys. Your sons, Atrus. Sirrus and Achenar. Course, they're not so little anymore. Not so innocent. I thought a lot about innocence these last few years and what happens when it gets lost.

Worried about Releeshahn? I have it. Worried about friends, relatives, people you can't get back? I know just how you feel. But, if you want to do something about it, you're going to have to open this device. And there's just one problem. I've changed the three symbols that do that. So if you want to reclaim Releeshahn, you're going have to take your own class. Find the three symbols, Atrus. And don't keep me waiting forever." - Saavedro

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