First Part of Yeesha's First Bahro Cave Speech

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"Your journey has begun. You can't imagine how these small things affect the future, but someday you will. You will return.

Many paths have brought me to this place: the path of my great-grandmother, bringer of destruction; the path of my grandfather, the rebuilder of pride; the path of my mother, writer of dreams; and of my father, my dear father, the caretaker of burdens. And I knew that at the end of such great paths must lay a great purpose. I returned to the Cleft to find it. Cleft: the fissure in the desert, the wound in the earth, the path to things beneath the surface. It was there I sought to find my purpose. It was from there I came to know the dead underground city of D'ni. These D'ni people who are now gone came thousands of years ago to the shelter of the cavern to return to leastness. They found solace in their smallness in the dark, and so did I. But light is powerful in the darkness." - Yeesha

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