Fire Marble Dome

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Fire Marble Dome
The Fire Marble Dome on Prison Island


To power Gehn's Age 233 linking books

Created by

Gehn, Guild of Builders

Located in

Writings about it

Gehn's First Journal (mentioned)

Appears in

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Fire Marble Domes were used by Gehn to power his flawed Age 233 Linking Books. Five domes in total were made, one for each of the islands. Due to him fearing the Moiety would try and link there, he had a five-digit code that is required to unlock the domes, though they did eventually crack it. The domes require power from the Super Dome in order to power the books. Before Katran created Book Windows, the Moiety occasionally had to maneuver unnoticed into the domes to get to Tay.

When a dome is closed, it rotates and only stops when the button on the connected kinetoscope is pushed at the correct moment, which then also reveals the color of the fire marble powering it.